Home security systems create a blanket of security that helps protect your Oklahoma City home, family, and possessions from a wide variety of threats. A home security system is an investment in peace of mind that pays dividends that far exceed the costs of installation and monitoring. The following are ten reasons that are well worth considering.

Home Security Systems Offer A Strong Deterrent

Burglars want an easy score and the more effort it takes them to make a score, the more likely they are to get caught. Surveys conducted of convicted burglars show that the majority simply avoid Oklahoma City homes that have home security systems.

Home Security Systems Offer Asset Protection

While your precious artwork, electronics, or valuable jewelry are most likely protected by your homeowner’s policy, some things are simply irreplaceable. A home security system helps ensure that these items don’t end up in the back of a burglar’s truck.

Home Security Systems Provide Remote Monitoring

You can’t be home 24/7, but your Oklahoma City home security system can and will provide complete coverage when you are away. Remote monitoring allows you to monitor your home and respond to intrusions or threats whether you are in the office or enjoying a vacation thousands of miles away.

Home Security Systems Can Reduce Insurance Costs

Homeowner’s insurance providers offer discounts for Oklahoma City homes that are protected with monitored home security systems. The savings in premiums and deductibles are usually more than enough to cover the costs of installation and monthly security monitoring.

Home Security Systems Protect Against Fire & Other Threats

Home alarm systems can provide notifications of fires and gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Radon, and other threats that seep into the home. These notifications can make it possible to safely evacuate the home and take steps to mediate the threat from a safe distance.

Home Security Systems Can Monitors Access

Whether it is kids coming home from school or the repairman coming to fix the washer, home alarm systems let you know when people enter and exit the home. This allows you to control access and determine precisely who is in your Oklahoma City home at all times.

Home Security Systems Provide Integrated Control

Home security systems do more than just offer protection. Many are also integrated with smart thermostats and other controls that allow you to control the climate, lighting, sprinklers, electrical outlets, and other systems on the property. This integration gives you total control over the management of the home and can let you turn off lights you’ve left on, irons that weren’t turned off, etc.

Home Security Systems Can Enhance Response

What if the worst happens? Whether it’s a burglar lurking in the basement or a fire smoldering in the garage, a monitored home security system enhances the response of emergency personnel. Cameras and other sensors provide real-time information that can be used to direct police, fire, and EMT’s directly to the threat.

Home Security Systems Protect Pets and Children

Pets and children don’t have the ability to protect themselves while you are away. A home security system watches over them and gives you early warning that a problem is brewing.

Home Security Systems Enhance Comfort

The peace of mind offered by a home alarm system helps you relax and enjoy living in your Oklahoma City home without having to always worry about the safety of your family, property, and possessions. This alone is worth its weight in gold and the time it takes to research and invest in a reliable home security system.

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