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Home Security Case Studies

On April 24, 2009 there was an attempted break in at Kiss Me Candies in Abilene, Texas. The owner of this business had purchased a security system from 1st Alarm of Abilene, Texas which scared away the burglars.

A home security system could have saved a home owner in the 4700 block of Southwest Drive, both time and money spent on home repairs. The suspect who was caught had taken 32 dollars worth of merchandise. A home security system from a local alarm company in Abilene, Texas cost about the same per month.

From the Abilene Police blotter dated 08/07/2009 there were 3 incidents where homeowners were broken into while in their homes, while several other homes were burglarized with no one in them. In one of the 3 the homeowner had purchased a monitored home security system and was alerted to the intruder as soon as the home was broken into. Having a monitored home security system from a local alarm company in Abilene, Texas can protect you as well as your property.

The following incident report was released by the Abilene police department on September 14th 2009. Over a two day period there were 5 separate thefts of property and 3 burglaries of homes. In one instance the burglar broke the homeowners sliding glass door with a brick to gain entrance to the home. Home security systems in Abilene, Texas can prevent the burglar from entering the home by offering a wide range of glass break detectors and motion detectors to protect both the homeowner and the home.

In Abilene Texas there were two forced break-ins where the homeowners were assaulted on the 28th and 29th of May 2009. An alarm system with personal panic buttons could have sounded an audible alarm, while dispatching the police department to the home.

In 2008 the Abilene police department crime statistics report; reported 1,210 burglaries an average of 3 a day, and over 3,000 thefts. While the overall crime rates have diminished from the 2007 statistics report. As a neighborhood and a community there are many options to help with the prevention of theft and burglaries.

Another way of keeping your property safer is to check that your windows and doors are locked. Using shutters might be a good way to keep light coming through your windows whilst also being able to close the bottom shutters to keep unwanted attention out. Not only are shutters beautiful for interiors, they also help to control the level of privacy you have in your house. Additionally, neighborhood watch programs and purchasing a home security system in Abilene are key elements in your overall security strategy. A professionally installed home security system with 24-hour monitoring from a UL Listed monitoring station is a great deterrent with yard signs and window decals. A good tip to remember is that a burglar will always look for the easiest target; an easy way in and an easy way out.