Everyone thinks of home as a place to relax and enjoy themselves, without having to worry about potential intruders. But these days with the growth in burglaries, it has become necessary to protect your home and business. To deter these intruders, there are a variety of home security systems to choose from. Purchasing one and installing in your home is most important for your safety and protection. 1st Alarm El Paso Home Security Systems have been proven to provide the best service and state-of-the-art home protection available in the El Paso Texas area.

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Home Security Case Studies

Many areas in El Paso have been hit hard with crime; two of the areas are in zip codes 79903 and 79905, with over 160 thefts, 23 burglaries, and 15 robberies in 2009 alone. A monitored business or home security system from a local alarm company in El Paso, Texas could help these areas.

In the 79901 zip code in El Paso, Texas from February of 2009 to present there have been 100 burglaries and thefts combined. A security system from a local alarm company in El Paso, Texas could have been a deterrent and helped to keep these homes and business from becoming a statistic.

Based on statistics from the El Paso Police department; in two zip codes 79932 and 79922 in December of 2008 there were 18 break-ins with an average of over 7 break-ins per month for 2008. The purchase of a home security system is a great deterrent to keep El Paso, Texas citizens from becoming a statistic.

From February of 2009 to May 2009 in the Zip codes 79912 and 79902 there were 53 burglaries in the two zip codes. Having an alarm system in El Paso could have prevented these homes from being broke into.

Recent statistics show many categories of crimes have declined in El Paso. El Paso had 2,889 crimes per 100,000 people (population 323,000). Keeping a city’s crime rate low can be achieved by each citizen in the community doing some very simple things, get involved in different organizations neighborhood watch and crime stoppers.

Purchase a security system from a local alarm company in El Paso, Texas. Security systems can protect both your home and business from would be burglars. There are some no cost things you can do, lock your doors and windows. Making your home seem occupied while at work or on vacation is another great deterrent. Contact 1st Alarm of El Paso for more information on home security systems.