Today, the highest priority for every home or business owner is to keep their residence and business secure and protected. Home Security Systems have become an essential need for every house. Establishing one such security system in your home prevents and deters robberies and theft. Installing a reliable Home Security System like the 1st Alarm Lubbock Home Security System will help you gain a peaceful sleep every night and also help you stay at peace even if you leave the house. The best part of the 1st Alarm Lubbock Home Security System is that it also provides great customer service. No matter how small or big your problem or question is, they make sure they provide the best help for their customers.

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Home Security Case Studies

In what seems to be a growing trend in Lubbock, Texas burglars are breaking into homes at night without any regards if the homeowner is at home. The home owners are left to fight off the would be burglar with little to no warning. Home security systems in Lubbock, Texas can work as an early warning device to let the homeowner know someone is entering the home.

As the crime rate continues to rise a monitored home security is becoming a necessity for every home owner in Lubbock. A monitored home security system from a local alarm company in Lubbock, Texas can protect your family and its contents. The first week of August the grand jury indicted 6 people for theft, 2 people for burglary of a habitation, and 1 for burglary of a building.

On Wednesday July 1st, 2009 one person was indicted for aggravated robbery, six individuals for burglary of a habitation and three for theft. A security system from a local alarm company in Lubbock, Texas could have kept many of these crimes from taking place.

April 30, 2009 a home in the 3000 block of 20th street was broke into by an armed man, the homeowner and the intruder struggled which left the home owner with minor injuries. A home security system would have been a key deterrent in this crime. Contact a local security company in Lubbock, Texas for your top of the line home security system.

May 27th 2009 the Lubbock county grand jury issued six indictments for burglary of a building or a habitation. Many burglaries go unsolved and the burglar unpunished. A security alarm system this is monitored can keep your home and your from becoming a statistic.

While publicized reports in 2008 show Lubbock Texas crime is down in almost every category, one category still on the rise unfortunately is burglary up 2.1% up from 3,070 to 3,136. As a community we can help lower this statistic by doing a few simple things. Lock your doors and windows it is so simple but missed by so many home and business owners. Light your home and business at night.

Purchase a home security system in Lubbock, Texas or a commercial security system from a local alarm company. Finally, think if I were a burglar or needed in my home or business how would I get in, take the time and secure those areas. Contact 1st Alarm Lubbock.