A basic home security system provides a layer of protection that can keep you and your family safe from burglary, home invasion, and other crimes in the San Angelo TX region. San Angelo has a significant crime rate which is something that every homeowner in the region should consider when choosing a home security system. The city of San Angelo has a violent crime rate that is 3.7 per 1,000 individuals. It also has a property crime rate that is just under 51 per 1,000 individuals. In fact, the property crime rate is nearly twice that of what it is for the entire state of Texas. These rates are considerably higher than other cities which demonstrates the fact that there is a considerable need for home security in the area, but never forget having a security system does NOT negate the need to look for homeowners insurance.

Basic home security systems do not feature home security cameras, remote monitoring, and automation. In most cases, they are essentially intrusion alarms that notify you when an intruder has attempted entry into your San Angelo TX property. This means that they provide a very basic level of protection that can notify you of a problem while you are at home.

While some basic systems include monitoring from a control center, the majority do not and this means that it is up to the homeowner to contact law enforcement, fire departments, etc. when a problem occurs. For San Angelo TX homeowners who are rarely away from the property, this means they can take an active role in their own protection. However, for those who work or travel frequently, this means that the home will be largely unprotected while they are away. That is why we recommend at a very minimum that homeowners choose basic home security systems that include monitoring.

Basic security systems can be hardwired into a landline, or controlled via broadband or cellular technology. Because many basic systems are hardwired, this creates a point of entry for thieves as they merely need to cut the wires to disable the system. Similarly, basic systems often have fewer layers of security surrounding broadband or cellular frequencies which means that some can be disabled via jammers that sophisticated burglars have in their toolkits. This is why it’s important to opt for an internet service provider with added safety and security features such as Eatel. To find out more about broadband from Eatel head to www.eatel.com.

Of course, not every San Angelo TX home needs to be protected by the highest level of security. Indeed, security should be chosen based on the type of threats that a homeowner can expect. It’s unlikely that a highly specialized burglar equipped with jammers and other sophisticated tools is going to break in for a television set or heirloom jewelry. In many cases, a basic system is sufficient to protect a typical homeowner and deter the actions of burglars and others looking for a “quick score.” Thus, homeowners should carefully consider their assets, property, and the types of criminals that would be attracted to gaining entry when determining whether or not a basic home security system is sufficient for their home security needs.

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