There is a misconception that home alarm systems are not kid friendly. Many years ago, home security systems were often too complex for children to arm or disarm, making it very easy for them to trigger the alarm. This vulnerability made many parents hesitant to add a security system to their homes, even when their children were home alone. Today’s technological advances in home alarm systems have made them very kid-friendly. These advanced alarm systems offer kid friendly security, as well as other benefits to parents other than protection from intruders.

Home alarm systems offer kid friendly security

Many households in Lubbock, Texas have kids who are home alone on occasion. The kids get out of school before a parent gets off from work. Maybe a child does not require a babysitter, but the parents need reassurance that their child is safe. Another instance in which children are more secure with a security system is when teenagers need to stay home while their parents are away.

Modern home alarm systems offer protection to children who are home alone in Lubbock Texas. Instead of requiring a child to run to the alarm pad to enter a disarming code, they can use a keychain pad. The keychain pad drastically reduces the chances of false alarms and is more kid friendly. Door and window sensors can send an automatic notification if someone tries to get in and smoke detectors can alert the child if a fire breaks out. Cameras offer a way to view entry ways, the backyard, or the pool, without ever leaving the home.

Having a security system in place is beneficial for both parents and their kids. Parents get peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe at home. The monitoring service is just an alarm away if a problem occurs, which reassures children that they are safe until their parents get home.

Home alarm systems offer more to parents than protection from intruders

Besides protecting your kids when they are home alone, alarm systems offer many more benefits to parents. Using interior cameras tied to the alarm system, and viewable online, a parent can monitor when a child enters or exits the property in Lubbock, Texas. Video monitoring is one way to unobtrusively ensure that a kid is where he or she is supposed to be at the right time.

Home alarm systems offer the child a way to call for emergency services in Lubbock. Accidents can happen at any time, including sudden illnesses. Being able to contact the monitoring service via the alarm system means the kids can get emergency help as quickly as possible. Home alarm systems can be set up to monitor for carbon dioxide, which protects the child from dangers that cannot be seen.

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