Security consultants believe having home security cameras in your home will ward off potential criminals from breaking into your residence. If the criminal is still persistent or perhaps doesn’t see your security cameras and enters illegally, they will provide vital evidence for prosecuting the intruder.

Features of Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras today are capable of recording and sending images to a home security company through a network. This coverage means you, your family, and your property are protected 24/7 against any illegal activity or other dangers that may occur in your home. With this continuous coverage, help can be sent immediately when you or your home become threatened. If an illegal event occurs, this coverage also means the activity is being recorded for your use as evidence in court.

Home security cameras today can be connected to DVRs which capture the sound and can be set to record whenever motion is detected. The DVRs are capable of capturing a clear video and can be copied and enhanced easily for prosecutorial purposes. These recordings are a vast improvement from the earlier security cameras whose recordings were typically jumpy and grainy. Another improvement with today’s home security cameras is they allow you to see multiple camera shots all on the same monitoring screen.

Where Your Home Security Cameras Should be Located

Security cameras can either be openly displayed or concealed, depending on your need for the cameras. There are few if any laws dictating the placement of security cameras, unlike public ones who do have guidelines they must follow. If you are concerned with someone breaking into your home, you may want to place your camera in plain sight to ward off intruders. Make sure you place the camera where it cannot be easily reached, damaged or turned off by someone who wants to get into your home illegally.

In some cases, you may want the camera concealed, so its presence is unknown to everyone except you. This concealment would allow you to monitor all activity in your home if you have concerns. Home security cameras concealed inside your home can also capture the movement of burglars if they enter your home and those images can then be used in court if you end up having to file charges.

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