Turning off a security system alarm during a power outage may seem impossible, but there are ways to accomplish this on your own. The steps to powering down an alarm without a keypad available include locating the main source of power and removing and the backup battery. Next, the system must be reset and the battery replaced.

Find and disconnect the main source of power for the home security system

Your home security system likely has a main source of power, which is a box that is secured to the wall with an outlet. This box is the key to turning off the alarm while there is no electricity. Simply disconnect the box from the outlet by unplugging it.

Remove the battery from the security system

Although the main source of power has been disconnected from the home security system, the backup battery is still providing power to the alarm. A screwdriver may be required to access the battery box and you will need pliers to remove the battery. Carefully use the pliers to remove the plugs and wires from the battery. Take note of where each plug should be reattached once everything in the system is reset.

Reset the home security system

Even though you can turn the alarm off on your home security system without assistance, you cannot reset it on your own. Contacting the security company will allow you to have the system reset, although this may mean creating a new security code or pin number.

Replace the battery on the security system

Now that the home security system has been reset, you can use the pliers to replace the backup battery as it was before. Use a new battery for the alarm if the old one exhibits any signs of leakage or if the low battery light is on.

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