No home is complete if it cannot protect the family and their valuables in the house. For this, there are Home Security Systems that can offer protection for the family by preventing intrusions. Further, they also help the police in apprehending criminals. 1st Alarm Odessa Home Security Systems have become a household name as they are very trustworthy and dependable. We can make sure that your home security needs are met 24/7.

Many families will be forced to deal with their homes being broken into or something being stolen from their property. Not only will they have to deal with lost personal possessions but the mess left behind and the time spent to get the home back to where it was before the break-in. A monitored security system from a local alarm company in Odessa, Texas can help deter a burglar from breaking into your home.

In the past a home break in would result in items in the home being stolen. Today’s homeowner can have items taken and can have their identity stolen by a would be burglar. Bank statements, credit cards, checks etc. inside the home can be used to steal a person’s identity. An alarm system can keep your home from being broke into.

1st Alarm Odessa Home Security is one firm that understands every customer’s needs. Our service agents and technical specialists are always available to meet the challenges and solve the issues for all of our customers. All of your questions will be answered promptly to help you with the best possible options or suggestions. This customer friendly behavior makes 1st Alarm Odessa Home Security one of the most respected and trusted security providers in Odessa. Call us today (432) 530-3535 to set up your Home Security or Business Security consultation or request an Online Quote.

Home Security Case Studies

On May 8, 2009 there were two arrests made in Midland County; with charges of burglary of a building. Two separate individuals were arrested of which one was charged with theft between 20,000 and 100,000. Video surveillance (camera system) could have helped as a deterrent; an alarm system in Odessa, Texas could have helped in the apprehension of the burglar.

Based on information from the police blotter September 9th 2009 there were 7 reported burglaries of a habitation. While almost every break-in results in loss of personal property, 4 out of the 7 in this case resulted in damage to the home. Home security systems in Odessa, Texas can help deter a burglar from choosing your home.

June 30th a 21 year old Odessa man was arrested for burglary of a habitation by Midland County deputies. He was charged and released and did not appear for his court date. A home security system in Odessa, Texas could keep this individual or any other would be thief from breaking into your home or business.

Published reports indicate crime in the Permian Basin has continued to go down, burglary however in Odessa has continued to rise, over 2,090 in Odessa Texas. There are many ways to protect your home and business, starting with locks on all exterior doors and windows. Neighborhood watch programs which includes having your neighbor pickup newspapers, watch your home while you are on vacation.

Exterior lighting for your home and business, stairwell, entryways, alleys, and any large trees or shrubbery are just some of the places an intruder might use to conceal themselves. Home security systems have a dominate role in stopping break-ins in both home and business. A home or commercial security system in Odessa, Texas can alert authorities of an intrusion. Also an alarm company posts signs and window decals to help prevent theft or vandalism of your property.