Churches are no longer safe havens or exempt from criminal activity. Just like any other establishment, your Amarillo TX church needs protection from illegal acts. A video surveillance system has a lot of benefits for your church in Amarillo, Texas. These systems can capture events from wrongful accusations to theft. Footage from surveillance cameras can be used in court if there is any question regarding activities that have occurred on the property of your church. These are some of the benefits you can expect from installing a video surveillance system in your church.

Crimes Happen

Unfortunately, current society does not hold churches and temples as sacred places or exempt from criminal activity. There are those who will steal from the church to increase personal gain even if the church has extended them a helping hand. When reviewing news articles, you can search for crimes against the church to see how often these places of worship have become targets for unlawful acts. A video surveillance system will capture these actions and help you catch and convict any illegal activity.

Remote Viewing

A video surveillance system installed in your Amarillo TX church enables you to view activities occurring live on the property. These viewing capabilities can be shared with others in your community to maintain a higher level of security and allow for proper authorities to be contacted should illegal or dangerous events happen. With DVR viewer software, you and those you authorize can remotely watch what is occurring live on the church property from anywhere.

Protect Your Church Assets with a video surveillance system

Churches have a lot of important assets you want to keep safe. Your collection funds and any monies you’ve collected need to be kept protected. These amounts are often in the hundreds of dollars, and many people are aware of the fact that your church is receiving these amounts. You do not want someone to break into your Amarillo TX church and take the money you and your community is depending on for church activities.

Your church may also hold historical records and priceless artifacts that require protection. Vandals know these types of valuable items are stored on your property. The loss of these types of items cannot be measured in dollars, and you will want the authorities to be able to return them. A video surveillance system can capture these illegal acts and allow authorities to track the individuals and give you and your church a better chance to recover monies or artifacts. If you are worried about your church being the target for criminal activity, you may be interested in this church app which can be used as a fundraising tool for the church.

Blend Surveillance into Your Church

While churches are no longer exempt from crime, there are still many people who think of them as safe places. These people do not want their church to look like a fortress with the display of video surveillance cameras scanning their area of worship. People who are attending mass or searching a quiet place to reflect, want to feel safe and not as though they are being watched.

You can install a video surveillance system into your Amarillo, Texas church so those coming to worship can feel they are alone. You can choose dome style cameras that will blend into the ceiling or small ones that can be hidden around the church, or choose from many others available on the market.

1st Alarm knows it is unfortunate to think that your church is not free from criminal activity. They can install a security surveillance system to deter a lot of criminals from targeting your place of worship and aid in the recovery if such events occur. Protect your church and your community and don’t let vandals see your church as an easy target.

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