A commercial security system is a must for every modern business. Once upon a time, it was sufficient to install a basic alarm system and high quality locks on the doors and windows. Locks and a simple alarm system aren’t adequate for protecting cloud data and aren’t able to offer up to date security features that today’s business owners need, such as real time video monitoring. Selecting a commercial security service is an important decision. You must be able to trust your commercial security provider and feel confident that they’re offering the level of services you need to protect your business fully.

Initial site survey

The type of features and overall functioning of a commercial security system will vary greatly from one business to the next. For example, a large jewelry store has significantly different security needs from a small web design firm. Be wary of commercial security services that offer a “one size fits all” security package for their customers. You want to work with a security provider that completes an initial site survey for all new customers and uses their findings to create a tailored security solution for your specific needs and budget.

References and credentials

A commercial security provider must possess up to date licensing in the state they currently operate. They should be able to show you proper credentials. You may also contact the bureau responsible for maintaining security provider licensing information. The bureau will supply the details you need, saving you time and effort while evaluating multiple security providers. Ask providers for personal references as well. A short list of their top clients will give you an accurate idea of the type of clients they serve and whether or not their security solutions will be a good fit for your company.

Wireless connectivity

Wired security systems run through a phone line. When a burglar is attempting to rob a business, the first step he takes to disable a wired system is cutting the phone line. With the main phone line down, your communications and security are substantially compromised. Modern commercial security providers offer wireless connectivity. Your security system will stay fully operational, even in the event of a cut phone line or power outage. A wireless system will also allow your company to connect directly to the provider’s centralized monitoring system so they receive automatic alerts in the event of suspicious activity.

Passcode management

Inquire about the provider passcode management procedures. For example, do they issue separate arming and disarming codes for every employee? Once a company has assigned passcodes, they often overlook the management of the codes. A business should be able to assign and update their own passcodes when they hire and fire employees to prevent former employees from accessing the system.

Emergency response procedure

Be sure you understand how the provider handles alarm triggers. Ideally your wireless security system alerts the provider response team automatically when suspicious activity occurs to minimize downtime. Find out how they respond to alarms, how fast they respond to alarms, and how they handle actual burglary and vandalism. Many providers are able to address routine issues and other concerns over the phone or via online chat to further minimize downtime and save you the hassle and expense of in person technician appointments.

Commercial security is an investment for every business. When you select a provider that meets your needs, it’s well worth the money. If you have any questions or require clarification about any concerns, make sure to get answers before signing a contract so there are no surprises in the future.

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