A good video security system will protect you and your property in Lubbock, Texas, so selecting a system that meets your needs is important. A video security system will alert you when someone tries to intrude on your property and will protect you and your home. Using video surveillance is a great way to capture evidence in case someone commits a criminal act.

There are many reasons to invest in a video security system, but you must determine what your needs are before purchasing a system. You can determine where to place cameras on your Lubbock property, consider what video quality you need, and decide where you will place the recording equipment. Finally, determine whether you need a monitored video security system.

Determine where to place video security cameras on your property

The first thought many people consider before getting a video security system is how many cameras are needed. However, it is best to determine where cameras will be placed before deciding how many are needed. Consider where criminals would most likely be entering your home in Lubbock, Texas. Doors, windows, gates, and garage doors are all likely entry points. Some of these entry points are better for criminals because they are hidden from neighbors’ site lines or the road.

Visualizing where you want security cameras is a good way to get started. Before you purchase a video security system, you should create a plan about where the cameras will go and what direction they will be facing. A sketch of your Lubbock property will help you lay this plan out and possibly help you identify areas that need coverage that you didn’t consider before. The sketch becomes your working guide in directing the system installation.

Video security cameras can be hidden or placed in visible positions around your home. Many Lubbock homeowners use both hidden and visible cameras to get the best security coverage.

Hidden cameras are great for capturing what is going on around your property, without anyone being aware of the surveillance. Hidden video cameras are good for monitoring the activities of employees such as housekeepers or nannies.

Visible cameras are great for deterring criminal activities. Burglars and other criminals depend on stealth to commit their crimes. Criminals are less likely to approach a property that has visible security cameras that are ready to capture their activities.

Consider what video quality you need from a video security system

The quality of video you get from a particular camera depends on how many frames per second (fps) it captures. You can get cameras that capture anywhere from 8 fps to 30 fps. For most residential video security systems, 15 fps will provide adequate security by capturing enough detail to identify a criminal.

Another factor in video quality is how well cameras capture details at night. Some video security cameras only work well in moderate to high light levels. If you need to capture video during the night, you may want a camera that captures infrared light. You can determine how well a camera captures footage at night by checking the lux rating. A lower lux rating will indicate that the camera is better for capturing night footage.

Decide where you will keep the video security recording equipment

You will need DVRs to capture what your security cameras are seeing. The equipment needs to be in a secure area that is hard for most people to access. In a home, this area might be in a secured room or closet. The recording equipment can also be secured in a DVR lock box.

The DVR may need to be located close to the network router. The recording equipment should also have an Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS) to protect against power outages and power surges.
Decide if you need a monitored video security system

A video security system is only one part of securing your home in Lubbock, Texas. Consider what would happen if a criminal decided to enter your home when you are not there. Video cameras will capture a person entering the home, but will not alert anyone to the activities going on.

The best solution is to install a full security system that includes video surveillance. These systems come with monitoring services. If someone tries to break into your home, an alarm will go off and an alert will go to the monitoring service. The monitoring can call the police and alert you immediately to what is going on in your home.

Adding a video security system to your home in Lubbock, Texas is a good investment into your home and family’s safety. 1st Alarm can help you select a video security system that meets your needs. Call us today at 1(800) 276-5559 for more information or send us an email with your questions and concerns. You can also get a quote for a security system. We have locations in the following Texas cities: Midland, Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, El Paso, and San Angelo.