Home security systems in Midland TX  are more than just having an alarm system in place; it’s about having plans in place that stop problems before they start. While a home security system serves as a strong deterrent to crime, it’s part of an overall system of threat management that creates a practically impenetrable wall of security between your home and the threats lurking on the other side of the door.

Home security starts with developing secure habits. This means keeping doors locked at all times and double checking door locks each time you leave your Midland TX home. Likewise, it means investing in door locks and deadbolts that aren’t easy to defeat by a thief looking to make a quick score. It also means making sure that windows are kept closed and that they are secured with locking mechanisms from the inside and shrubbery and other landscaping on the outside that make approaching first floor windows a tricky endeavor.

Security in the 21st century also involves being careful what you do, and don’t post online. While social media profiles are great for keeping up with family and friends, they also provide an entry point into your Midland TX home. For instance, when you post pictures while you are on vacation, you advertise that the home is unguarded. Likewises, showing off new cars, televisions, expensive jewelry, etc. inform criminals of what you have and where it might be located. For this reason, it is crucial to keep your social media posts locked down and you should be judicious with what you post and who you share it with.

It is also crucial to drill everyone in the family in what to do if an emergency occurs. Getting everyone on the same page can save critical moments when an emergency strikes or a burglar knocks on the door. When the family has a plan in place, it means that everyone can take an active role in the security process whether that plan involves hiding in place until law enforcement arrives or evacuating to a neighbor’s home before contacting the fire department. Even young children should be taught how to use 911 and what to do when fires erupt, break-ins occur, or strangers knock at the door.

Midland TX homeowners should also take steps to fortify the outside of their home. For instance, landscaping including shrubbery to block views of the property, rocks placed in front of windows, and fences that are difficult to climb are simple deterrents that make it difficult to approach the property undetected. Likewise, having a dog and posting signs on the doors and windows notifying trespassers that there is a security system in operation notify criminals that there is a strong likelihood that they are going to get caught in the act which will make them think twice before attempting entry.

It is also important to limit the number of people you allow entry into your Midland TX home and to closely monitor those who enter to perform work and maintenance. Keys and access codes should be jealously guarded and given only to those who have earned your trust and have an ongoing need to enter the property regularly.

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