The protection of your family and your home starts with a home security system. You have worked too hard for things in life to lose what is most precious to you during a senseless act of violence. According to the statistics for crime in Amarillo, Texas, you have a one in twenty-nine chance of becoming a victim of property crime. These are tips on how you can take steps now to improve your home security and ensure you, your family and your Amarillo TX home are not the next victim of opportunistic criminals.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems are your best protection against illegal entries to your property. These systems are able to immediately notify emergency response units and you of any potential threat to your Amarillo TX home and family. Often times just knowing a house is protected by a security system will send criminals away to find more vulnerable properties.

Make Your House Appear Occupied

Criminals will tour neighborhoods looking for signs of homeowners being away. Seeing stacks of papers on your doorstep or full mailboxes are clear signs you’ve been away and may be away for some time. Arrange for papers and mail to be delivered to other addresses if you plan extended vacations or absences from your Amarillo TX house.

Dark houses at night are another indicator your home is unoccupied. The use of automatic timers to randomly turn lights on and off while you are gone will also deter burglars from targeting your house.

Use Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are much stronger than the spring latch locks. All of your exterior doors should have one-inch thick deadbolts installed to give your home added protection. When having them installed, you should leave as little space as possible between the door and the frame as you can so a burglar cannot pry apart the door.

Secure Your Windows

Criminals often use windows to enter structures illegally. Protect these vulnerable areas of your home with burglar-resistant glass and window locks. Using small panes of glass rather than one large sheet also makes entries more difficult or impossible.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys

Many people leave spare keys to their Amarillo TX homes inside fake rocks or their mailbox. Just as it makes it easier for your family and friends to locate them it also makes it easier for a burglar to locate them. Think of a unique hiding place and share only with those you completely trust.

Place a Bar on the Base

Place a metal bar along the base of your sliding doors or sliding windows. Having a bar down on the track of these entry points prevents a burglar from being able to force them open.

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