Commercial buildings are a prime target for those up to criminal mischief. Installing a commercial security system is the first step to securing your company assets. Commercial security systems protect your business from burglars and shoplifters while also protecting your store and your employees 24/7. Commercial security systems also protect your business from fire with built-in smoke detectors. This feature could end up saving your business and livelihood.

Commercial security systems protect your business from burglars and shoplifters

Overnight and on weekends, your business is vulnerable to break-ins. Burglars love the fact that many businesses are deserted during those times, giving them plenty of time to break in and get anything of value. A commercial security system will stop burglars in their tracks. This system will detect their presence, call the authorities, and notify you that something is happening. Adding an audible commercial security system will help get them out of the building without them taking anything.

However, some thieves do not use the dark of night to steal things. Shoplifters steal right under your nose during the light of day. You can install a commercial security system that will let you monitor several areas of your store using closed circuit TV monitors. You can also add access control to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your store room or offices.

Commercial security systems protect your store and your employees 24/7

Some businesses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Robbers love these spots because there are very few people around to stop them from trying to rob the store. Having an easy to see commercial security system can deter these criminals from even trying it. You need to give your employees easy to access panic buttons in case someone pulls a gun or makes a threat. You also need cameras in place to capture what is going on to give police a face to look for.

Commercial security systems protect your business from fire

It takes just minutes for a raging fire to reduce a building to rubble. If that building houses your business, you are in trouble. Most commercial security systems have built-in smoke detectors. That way, if a fire starts, the 24-hour monitoring service can get the fire department on its way in seconds. This monitoring service could save your business and your livelihood.

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