For your ultra modern San Angelo TX home, consider a home automation system to help make everyday life just a little easier. Besides having the option to control your heating and air conditioning unit remotely, or even adjust the lighting in your home, the newest home automation systems also allow you to connect remotely with your home security system.

Keep your family and your property safe with a wireless home security system and home automation

Keep your family and your San Angelo TX property safe with a wireless home security system, complete with security cameras, alarms and video surveillance. Using modern technology, you’ll be able to control your home security system from anywhere with just your smartphone, tablet or computer. Don’t worry while you’re on vacation – because you can check on your home from the beach!

With home automation, you can have your home in the palm of your hand.

You home automation system lets you connect to your home thermostats to monitor the temperature inside your house. If the day turns extra hot – which is does often here in Texas – bump that air conditioning up before you get home. While you’re adjusting the temperature, make sure all the lights throughout your San Angelo TX home are turned off when nobody is home. Or, if you’d like to leave a light on in the window, turn one on with the tap of your finger.

If a family member accidentally forgets to shut the garage door, you’ll see a notice on your smartphone app. You can close the door from anywhere, so you don’t have to rush home in the middle of work. Using a home automation platform, you’ll also be able to check that your security system is armed and ready.

Home automation lets you control visitor entry to your home

Another great feature of a home automation security system is the ability to control visitor entry to your San Angelo TX home with an automated keypad. Assign unique entry codes to family members, friends and neighbors. This is great for checking that your kids arrived home safe from school. You can also use image sensors to capture images from your front porch. Someone you don’t recognize at the front door? Or, are you expecting an important package to be delivered? Use your image sensor technology to make sure it’s just the postman, and not a package thief.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to adjust your thermostat before you arrive home after work, or need a new security system to protect your property from possible intruders or vandals, a home automation system from 1st Alarm is the best choice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can upgrade your ultra modern home to the latest in home security and automated technology.

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