There are many reasons to have a wireless home security system installed. One of the biggest reasons is that you will have peace of mind knowing you will be alerted in the case of intruders, fires and even carbon monoxide buildup. An additional perk of a wireless home security system – it may save you money on your homeowner’s insurance policy!

Have you been putting off installing a wireless home security system?

Have you been putting off having a home security system installed because of the cost? In reality, the cost of not having a security system could very likely be more expensive than the cost of the installation. Imagine the cost of replacing stolen or damaged items or loss from fire that went undetected too long – not to mention the tragedy of someone you love being hurt – or killed by a surprised intruder.

Which type of wireless home security systems are best for you?

There are different types of wireless home security systems – one of which will be sure to fit your needs and budget.

Monitored home security systems.  A monitored alarm system with video surveillance is the most comprehensive type of home security system. With this type of system, your home will be constantly monitored even when you are away. Monitored home security systems have sensors that are responsive not only to intruders, but fire and carbon monoxide as well as a sudden change in your home’s temperature, and even the effects of a natural disaster. When something untoward occurs, the monitoring company will be alerted and appropriate measures taken.

If the case of an intruder while you are at home, the police will be called immediately and precious response time will be saved.

Unmonitored home security systems. An unmonitored home security system is less costly than the monitored type. You will be alerted to any threat of invasion by an audible alarm that hopefully will also alert your neighbors or passers by.  It is up to you or a neighbor to call emergency response personnel.

We never think it will happen to us

The truth is, we never think something like a home invasion or burglary will happen to us. We never expect it and we are never prepared for it. According to “Securing Home and Business”, a home without a security system is nearly three times more likely to be a burglar’s target.

Being proactive when it comes to the safety and security of your family, home and belongings can save you heartache, frustration and money. A home security system will help you achieve peace of mind while you are at home and while you’re away. When you display signs that your home is protected by a security system a smart burglar will head the other way!

To learn more about how a home security system could save your life, consult with a home security provider. Any provider will be able to share testimonials from their customers, detailing the ways that their home security systems were able to prevent serious incidents.

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