Listed as one of the top ten cities in Texas with the highest crime rate, Lubbock is no stranger to burglaries and thefts. Over a few years, the rate of property crimes including burglary, theft, auto theft, and arson has significantly increased the chances of becoming a victim. Previously, about 1 in 20 property crimes were reported in Lubbock, Texas. Now, the chances of becoming a victim is 1 in 16, with burglary at the top with a 1 in 9 possibility of having your home broken into. This rise in burglaries is mostly due to increased technology in our society. However, with a wireless home security system, you won’t become a victim of burglary. These systems allow easy of access with a wireless home security system app that you can access anywhere at any time from your cell phone.

Rise in burglaries due to increased technology

Many things have contributed to this rise in burglaries, but it is mostly caused by the increase in technology in our society. Today, burglars have that advantage of having tools that can assist with a break in without alerting the resident. With these advances in technology, sometimes just simply locking your doors and securing all entrances doesn’t completely assist in preventing burglaries in Lubbock, Texas.

That being said, we still suggest locking your doors and windows. You should also keep attractive items, such as jewelry or weapons, out of the view of windows and openings. Be sure to keep your home or business well lit at night time to give the illusion of not being unoccupied. You should even check into local security companies to see what wireless home security systems are offered to help in the securing of your property.

Ease of access with a wireless home security system app

In response to the rise in burglaries and their improved techniques to succeed, Lubbock security companies have also enhanced their technology with system use. You can do away with that requirement to have a house phone line to activate the system. The new wireless home security systems are directly linked to your cell phone. In the event of an attempt to deactivate the home security system by cutting the phone line, there will still be emergency notification.

Technology in smart phones has allowed the access of wireless home security system to be attained on an app you can simply download. Sometimes you may forget to lock your doors or can’t remember if you did. This Lubbock, Texas home security app allows you to see if your doors are locked and even lock a door from your phone.

This new system contains a monitoring device that can detect every entry to your home and advise you when one is opened with or without your permission. This is all done just by sending you a message on your phone. The phone app can even activate and deactivate your wireless home security system from anywhere as long as you have your cell phone.

One of the best security features is the camera that is installed wirelessly in your Lubbock, Texas home. This camera takes live footage and sends you video feed to your phone home security system app when you are away. You can see certain areas inside your house in the event of an alarm activation or just simply out of curiosity.

wireless Home security systems are an easy way to ensure your house is protected in case a burglar tries to enter and violate your privacy. Most are very inexpensive and simple to use for all ages. For more information as well as a demonstration contact 1st Alarm of Lubbock, Texas. Give us a call today at (806) 792-3510 or send us an email. We look forward to providing you with the best wireless home security system you need with features that suit you and your family.