Home security cameras are silent sentinels that watch over your El Paso TX home 24/7. Their unblinking eye captures everything from deliverymen dropping off packages to burglars lurking in the bushes. Technological advancements have not only shrunk their size so that they are less obtrusive than in the past and they are more affordable than you may realize. When it comes to home security, cameras are among the most affordable and effective deterrents to crime.

Home Security Cameras Offer A Strong Deterrent Factor

Home security cameras catch everything and provide an undeniable record of events. Cameras placed on patios, porches, and eaves protect entry points, while home security cameras within hallways, stairwells, and entry rooms protect the passageways throughout the home. Burglars cannot enter or move about the El Paso property without a home security camera watching their every move. As such, most burglars will avoid homes with monitored security cameras because they know that their every move will be recorded and that police will be dispatched immediately upon entry. This increases both the likelihood that they will be caught, and the likelihood they will be convicted for their crime.

Home Security Cameras Enhance Response

Whether it is a fire or a break-in, monitored home security cameras provide real-time information that El Paso emergency responders can use to respond to emergency situations. The camera’s eye can show where a fire is, how fast it is spreading, where a burglar is hiding, or which door they run out of when police arrive. This real-time information allows emergency responders to direct their resources at the threat and neutralize it without wasting time searching for it. This reduces the possibility the burglar will get away, and reduces the damage fires and other threats can cause.

Home Security Cameras Provide Peace of Mind

If you have a swimming pool, trampoline, or other attractive nuisance, you can monitor these while you are at the office or at home. This allows you to control access and it allows you to monitor your children while they enjoy the “toys” on your El Paso TX property. This enhances safety and ensures that those with authorized access can swim, jump, and play while under a blanket of protection.

Home Security Cameras Provide Privacy

Salesman at the door? Nosy neighbor dropping by to deliver gossip? Boorish relative that needs to borrow (and break) yet another power tool? Home security cameras allow you to see who is at the front door and decide whether you want to open it. This allows you to answer the door for only those people whom you wish to see.

Home Security Cameras Can Reduce Insurance Costs

Monitored home security cameras reduce the risk of burglary and mitigate the damage fires and other disasters can cause. This reduces the risk to your El Paso homeowner’s insurance provider which translates into lower monthly premiums and deductibles. It is not uncommon for homeowners to save 10-20% on their monthly premiums. In most cases, the costs of installation and monthly monitoring can easily be made up in less than a year.

Home Security Cameras Offer Remote Monitoring

Modern security cameras can be controlled via remote applications which can be accessed while you are away from the home. This allows you to check on your home while you are at the office or out of town on business or vacation. This gives you control over your home’s security envelope throughout the year without you having to stay at home all the time.

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