You may have considered having a commercial security system installed at your Abilene TX business but keep putting it off. If that is true in your case – think about the statistics. Did you know that every 15 seconds a home or business is burglarized – and that business losses from theft are primarily attributed to employees? You don’t want your business to be part of those FBI statistics.

Cost of commercial security systems vs the cost of not having one

You may be putting off having a commercial security system installed because you don’t think your budget can handle it. If that is the case – it’s important to remember what the cost will be if your Abilene TX business is broken into. Guarding against theft is one of the best things you can do to keep your business running smoothly.

Have you ever seen or heard of thieves coming and going without destroying things in their wake? Following a break-in, your Abilene TX business may be shut down for days or even weeks. During that time your employees will still need to be paid, the building’s utilities must be maintained and you will still have to pay your rent or building payment.

A commercial security system can deter shoplifting

The amount of money that businesses lose each year from shoplifting is staggering. The National Retail Security Survey estimated over $40 billion was lost in 2016 due to shoplifting, employee and vendor theft. A commercial security system inside and outside of your Abilene TX business will help you cut down on these losses.

Safety first

Even if your Abilene TX business isn’t open at night – chances are that you or some of your employees remain there after closing. One thing a commercial security system can give you is peace of mind. When your doors are locked and the security system is activated, you and your employees will feel more comfortable staying at the office after hours. If there is an invasion attempt at your business, first responders will be alerted and you and your business will be safe.

Take some of the worry out of being a business owner

If you are a business owner, you know how the responsibility stays with you well after the doors are closed each evening. You worry about break-ins, fire and other security issues. When you have a commercial security system installed at your Abilene TX business you can leave work, go home and take a deep breath. A properly installed commercial security system adds a layer of safety that you will be able to appreciate.

A commercial security system can deter employee theft

Employee theft isn’t something you want to think about – but it happens frequently. Cameras placed inside your business act as a deterrent and will remove the temptation of your employees to steal from your company.

A commercial security system can improve productivity

When your Abilene TX business is equipped with a commercial security system – your employees understand that they are being held accountable for their productivity. They don’t have to feel that they are watched 24/7 – but they will know that if the need arises, questionable activities can be reviewed.

Fire safety

When you have a commercial security system professionally installed, your fire alarms will alert your Abilene TX fire department will be alerted in time to save your valuable assets.

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