Staying safe at home as a senior requires taking active measures to protect your security. It’s easy to feel safe and secure in an Amarillo TX neighborhood where you’ve lived for many years, but this can foster complacency. To keep your home and the possessions you’ve gathered over a lifetime locked down tight, the following are some home security measures we recommend to our clients in the Amarillo region.

Security starts by keeping locks locked

Security starts by keeping the doors locked at all times. Whether you are in your Amarillo TX home or an apartment, doors and windows should be locked and checked every time you leave the home. For sliding glass doors, sticking a broom handle in the frame and attaching sliding locks are simple deterrents that work effectively. These actions prevent an easy point of entry for thieves. Doors should also be fitted with peepholes that you can peer through to determine whether it really is a deliveryman at the door or whether the person on the other side has ill intent. It’s also a good idea to answer the door with a telephone in hand that you can use to call police immediately if there there is a problem.

Avoid falling into too many routines

You should also avoid falling into too many routines and vary your schedule as much as possible. Thieves will often monitor a senior’s property to determine when they will be gone and for how long. By varying your schedule, you break the routine and make it harder for thieves to determine when you will, and when you won’t be at your Amarillo TX home. It is also advisable never to let mail or newspapers pile up. If you are planning to be out of town for a few days or for an extended trip to see family, always put a stop mail order in and request suspension of newspaper delivery. Similarly, it’s crucial to watch your mail and bank statements carefully.

Use credit monitoring services and conduct regular audits of accounts

If you are expecting credit cards, billing statements, etc., that don’t arrive, there’s a possibility it was pilfered in order to steal your identity. As such, using credit monitoring services and conducting regular audits of accounts helps ensure that money doesn’t go missing. Finally, closely monitor who you give keys to.

Keys should be closely guarded

Keys should be guarded carefully and should only be given to family members and caregivers who have a legitimate need for a key. Moreover, you should never be away from your Amarillo TX home when maintenance, cleaning, or landscapers are tending to your property.

Invest in monitored home security

Monitored home security is another valuable investment seniors should make. Cameras and motion sensors can keep you and your property safe while you are at home, when you are out at lunch, or when you take the time for that Caribbean vacation. Monitored systems deter criminals from entering the property and significantly reduce the response time of law enforcement when something happens. It is also recommended that seniors include medical alert monitoring in their security plans. This provides ready assistance should an unexpected medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack, or diabetic seizure arise.

Avoid advertising your possessions

Seniors should also avoid advertising what possessions they buy. Boxes from TV’s and other valuables should be broken down and deposited inside trash bins. Likewise, seniors should screen what they post on social media and lock their accounts down so that only family and friends can see pictures from inside their home.

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