Do home security systems make you safer in Amarillo TX? It’s the first question that home owners ask themselves when deciding whether or not they need the protection a home security system offers. The reality is that Amarillo is awash in crimes. It is only safer than 4% of other cities. Last year, there were 9,500 property crimes in the area, many against private residences. This gave the city a property crime rate of 47 per 1,000 people and a violent crime rate of 7 crimes per 1,000 people. The fact is that the robbery and burglary rates for the region are more than double those of the national average. This shows that there is a strong need for home security to keep your family and property secure.

Home security systems serve as strong deterrents

Home security systems serve as strong deterrents to both property and violent crimes. That is because the guys wearing the black hats want an easy score with little chance of getting caught. Criminals don’t want to spend their time on ice and locked away. Home security systems shorten the response time of Amarillo TX law enforcement and systems equipped with video recording gather ample evidence that can be used to secure a conviction. Thus, a home security system is a silent sentinel that most burglars and robbers won’t want to tangle with. Indeed, surveys of convicted felons have shown a clear preponderance for choosing targets that were not defended by monitored security alarms equipped with cameras and motion sensors. Of those who were arrested and convicted, the majority were caught in the act and caught on camera committing the crime.

Home security systems help protect you against everyday threats

In addition to protection against home invasions, burglaries, vandalism, and other property crimes, home security systems help protect you against everyday threats including fires, the buildup of toxic gases within the home, and even tornadoes and other weather events. That’s because smart home security systems make it possible for you to monitor your Amarillo TX property while you are away. You can log in and check to see that the stove is turned off, windows are shut, and that pets and children are safe and secure. This creates both piece of mind and makes it possible for you to contact law enforcement, firefighters, or EMTs if there’s a problem at home.

Monitored home security systems provide a blanket of protection

Moreover, monitored home security systems provide a blanket of protection that covers you while you are away and out of contact or otherwise incapacitated. Personnel within the monitoring center can determine whether there’s a threat and what type of threat exists before contacting Amarillo TX emergency responders and coordinating the appropriate response. Similarly, if there is an emergency such as a fire, you can focus on evacuating your family and pets with the knowledge that the monitoring center has already summoned assistance. This saves time and lives while providing a solid layer of protection that can reduce property damage and repair expenses.

Home security systems save you money

In addition to making you safer, home security systems save you money. Practically every home insurance provider offers significant discounts for Amarillo TX homeowners who have security systems. The money saved can be used to invest in better fencing, grates for lower level windows, motion activated lights, and other features that can strengthen your security envelope around the home.

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