Commercial security signs put potential threats on notice that your Amarillo TX business is protected and that every move of any would-be intruder is being monitored. It is an additional deterrent to thefts and break ins that no business should be without, but it only works if the sign is visible and easy to spot. Toward that goal, the following are the best places to place your commercial security sign for maximum effect.

Commercial security signs In 1st floor level windows

1st floor level windows are a common point of entry for burglars. This makes them the ideal place to position commercial security signs alerting them of the presence of a commercial security system. Stickers or decals should be placed on every window so that they are easily visible to anyone within 5 to 10 feet of the window.

 Commercial security signs on front, side and rear facing doors

The front door is an important place to position a commercial security sign because it is where the vast majority of normal traffic enters your business. It’s useful to have one here to prevent “casing” that can occur when thieves drop by to test the security.

Where commercial security signs really matter is on side doors and rear doors. These areas are not commonly cased before a burglary and because of their relative protection from passerby and street traffic, they are an easier target than front doors. The best place to position the sign is right above the door handle where it will have maximum visibility even in the dark.

Doors to the business located to the side or rear of your Amarillo TX business are a popular point of entry because there is less chance of detection from the street or neighbors. Window stickers should not be placed at the bottom or top of these doors, but rather right above the handle because this is one place they won’t go unnoticed.

Commercial security signs along sidewalks and parking lots

Staking commercial security signs at the entry sidewalk or at the end of the entrance drive into a parking lot immediately notifies anyone entering your Amarillo TX property that the business is protected. These commercial security signs provide a first line of defense that few thieves will want to challenge.

The Importance of Illuminating your Commercial security signs

Most Amarillo TX burglaries and business break ins  occur after the sun has gone down. For this reason, the importance of lighting cannot be overstated. The exterior of your business should be fitted with motion activated exterior lighting. This provides a “surprise” when they are triggered and when the lighting illuminates your commercial security signs indicating the presence of a commercial security system, it provides an added deterrent because would-be thieves know that the business has multiple security features that must be overcome to gain entry. In most cases, burglars will simply move along rather than go through the hassle and face the risk of detection.

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