What Type of Fire Alarm System Do I Need and Where Should I Put It?Choosing a fire alarm system isn’t a very exciting activity, but it can save you from plenty of unpleasant excitement down the road. The right fire alarm system in the right position can save property and lives so it’s something that you want to give considerable thought to. When choosing a fire alarm system, we advise clients to keep the following things at the forefront of their decision-making process.

Selecting a Fire Alarm System

There are two primary types of fire alarm sensors; Ionization and Photoelectric. Ionization alarm sensors detect invisible particles generated by fast moving fires, while photoelectric sensors detect visible fire particles generated by fires that smolder before erupting into flames. Each of these types of fire alarms will provide strong protection against fire, however, many manufacturers and fire professionals recommend installing both types of sensors within the home or office for maximum protection.

You may also consider installing a fixed temperature heat detectors or carbon monoxide detectors for use within areas such as kitchens or garages where engine fumes and burned dinners can sometimes trigger false alarms. The downside to using these devices is that they don’t trigger until after combustion has taken place which reduces the warning time and protective benefits.

If you have a “smart” home, you may want to consider installation of a wifi enabled smoke detector. This can provide a considerable blanket of protection and also makes it easier to respond to alarms that may trigger while you are away from the home or business. These interconnected fire alarm systems can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, pc, etc. Some devices can even collect audio recordings that can be stored and used as evidence to show fire progression and events that occur prior to and during the evacuation of the structure.

Positioning & Maintaining Your Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems should be positioned so that they provide as much warning time as possible of an imminent threat. Maintaining a fire alarm system is simple and requires little more than replacing the batteries when they lose their charge and die, and replacing the fire alarm system every ten years as they typically lose their effectiveness around this time. It is also important to place fire alarm systems in positions where airflow is not restricted or unduly affected by air currents generated by fans or ventilation systems.

Residential Structures

Within residential structures, fire alarm systems should be installed in each bedroom and within the corridors of every level of the home including the basement and garage. It is also a good idea to install a fire alarm system in the kitchen and laundry room as these areas typically contain a host of flammable materials. When placing your fire alarms in these rooms, it’s advisable to place them no closer than 10 feet from cooking surfaces and washers/dryers. This will minimize “false alarms” caused by burnt steaks and vent exhaust.

Commercial Structures

Fire alarm systems should be placed in corridors and within any areas that contain flammable materials. Local fire codes related to your industry and building function will most certainly vary so it is important that you discuss placement with the Fire Marshall prior to making a final decision regarding where, how many, and the necessary functionality of your devices.

The team at 1st Alarm Home Security understands that you will have many burning questions on your mind when it comes time to choose the right fire alarm system to protect your property.

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