A commercial security system is essential for every modern business. Once upon a time, installing a basic alarm system and outfitting the doors and windows with locks was sufficient for protecting many businesses. In the current digital age, an up to date wireless commercial security system ensures full protection around the clock. As you weigh varying commercial security services and security providers in Midland TX and Odessa TX, evaluate the following factors.

Certification, licensure, and references

A commercial security provider must be licensed in the state in which they currently operate. The provider should be able to supply verification. You may also contact the bureau in charge of maintaining security provider licensure. You’ll get accurate information and save time and effort while considering multiple security providers. Ask your Midland and Odessa security providers for references as well. A list of a provider’s top customers will give you a good idea about the type of services they offer and whether or not they will be a good fit for your company.

On-site inspection

The security needs of a business may vary significantly from one company to the next. The most effective way for a Midland or Odessa commercial security company to assess your needs is to conduct an on-site inspection. The inspection allows the provider to evaluate the entire premises and talk to you and your employees about your security priorities, such as video surveillance for side doors or cloud backup for sensitive customer data. Once the provider has completed the inspection, they will use their findings to create a security package tailored to your company.


A traditional wired alarm system is connected to a company’s main phone line. When a burglar attempts to break into the building or vandalize the premises, the first step he takes is cutting the phone line. With the line cut, you have no way to activate the system, rendering your video cameras and other surveillance technology useless. Modern wireless systems connect via a satellite or wireless monitor, which means they continue to operate even if a phone line is cut or there is a power outage. Wireless technology also allows the system to alert the security provider directly in the event of suspicious activity.

Maintenance and upgrades

One of the key advantages of wireless commercial security systems over their traditional wired counterparts is the ease of upgrades and maintenance. If one component breaks or is out of date, you may switch it out without replacing the entire system. Discuss upgrading and maintenance procedures with a Midland or Odessa commercial security system provider so you know how often you can upgrade and how they’ll address general maintenance and troubleshooting.

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