Surveillance cameras are available for both wired and wireless home security systems. When used properly, video cameras play a key role in deterring burglaries and preventing theft. If you’re on the fence about installing security cameras with your home security system in Lubbock TX, consider the following advantages that they offer.

Security cameras allow you to monitor all home entrances and remote areas of the property

For most homeowners, it simply isn’t possible to keep an eye on your entire property at all times, even when you’re at home. Security cameras enable you to monitor both interior and exterior entry points, including garage doors, as well as distant areas of the property. For example, maybe you have a workshop behind your garage or you own multiple buildings on several acres. Think about placing security cameras at the front door, back door, off street windows, backyard or side gate, and basement stairs. When you have security cameras positioned strategically on these target areas, you know what’s going on around the clock and greatly reduce the risk of a burglar making a surprise entrance into your Lubbock TX home or robbing an outlying building.

Security cameras allow you to catch burglars in the act

The mere presence of a security system equipped with visible security cameras is enough to send many burglars running the other way. If the burglar does attempt to break into your home, the security system will alert the authorities immediately and provide visual documentation of the event to increase the chances of identifying the burglar. If the burglar steals items from the home, the video footage creates a record of the belongings, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get them back or receive compensation from your insurance company to replace them.

Security cameras allow you to see who’s at the front door before you approach it

Many people are weary of answering the front door when they don’t know who’s there, even during the day. When you have security cameras hooked up to the entry points of the home, you can see who’s there without having to go close to the door. Whether a delivery man is ringing the front door bell with a package or someone is snooping around the back porch, you don’t run the risk of having the individual see you when you don’t want to open the door.  Burglary is a very real threat in Lubbock TX just as it is in any city with a growing population.  Security cameras  incorporated into your home security system give you the best possible defense against this threat

Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home from any location

Typically, Lubbock homeowners are most concerned about protecting their properties when they’re going to be out of town. However, there are lots of other reasons that you may want to monitor your house remotely, such as making sure that your cats are okay while you’re at work or checking on your teenage children during an all day conference. With a wireless home security system and security cameras, you have the capacity to access your home security system remotely from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access. In addition to keeping an eye out for burglars and other suspicious activity, you can watch for deliveries and service personnel, including caregivers and landscapers.

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