Your business is your livelihood and when a criminal targets your business, you can lose some or all of your investment. There are so many things to worry about when you are a business owner. These worries include paying staff, although Intuit payroll service can make this much easier. Taking action to secure your business will make it safer and less of a target for burglars or other criminals. There are a number of security measures you can use to help prevent business burglaries including using light and securing windows and doors. You can also help prevent business burglaries by using a safe to store important items, using high quality locks, and installing a commercial security system.

Use light to prevent business burglaries

Lighting is the easiest security measure you can put in place to prevent burglaries. Burglars like to hide in the shadows to avoid detection. If you light the inside and outside of your business, it is easier for the police and security personnel to see if there is an intruder. All points of entry, alleyways, and parking lots should be lit with bright security lights. You can use lower wattage lights inside, but the interior should still allow security personnel to see without a lot of strain.

Prevent business burglaries by securing windows and doors

Securing windows and doors is a good way to prevent business burglaries. Make sure all your windows are in good condition and well sealed. If a window opens, it should have a secure lock in place. A window should allow someone on the outside to see inside your business clearly. Do not put displays or filing cabinets in front of the windows. If your business is in a high crime area, consider adding burglar resistant security glass or adding iron bars over the windows to help prevent burglaries. Doors should be solid with door frames that are not easily broken into. Inspect door frames for any sign of rot or weakness and if you find any, have the damage repaired as soon as possible. A weakness in the frame of a door is a possible entry point for a burglar. Your door lock should also be very secure, and you may need to get in contact with some House Locksmiths if you fear that your door is not secured enough by your lock.

Use high quality locks to secure your business

For basic security, the locks in your business should be of the highest quality. All entry points to your business should have a high quality lock in place that used at all times that the building is not occupied. Entry points include doors, windows, skylights, emergency exits, garage doors, and warehouse doors. A lock may not completely keep a determined burglar out, but it will slow criminals down and help to prevent burglaries. If you don’t have an electric garage, you may consider getting one installed as a method to deter thieves. Call a company such as to come out and install one for you.

Use a storage safe to prevent burglaries

Use a safe to keep cash and valuables secure. The safe should be secured to the floor and in a protected area of your business that is not easily accessible. The security code for the safe should be changed on a regular basis, especially after an employee quits or is terminated.

Install a commercial security system to prevent business burglaries

Get a commercial security system installed for your business. A security system does not offer a physical barrier, but a way to detect intrusions early and get the police out quickly. A security system can also sound an alarm to prevent burglaries before they are committed. Adding signs that indicate you have a security system can even deter some criminals.

Use video surveillance as part of your commercial security system to help prevent burglaries. Visible cameras on the outside of the building can keep some criminals from even approaching the business. You should have cameras covering all sides of your business because a single camera out front is not going to secure the other three sides. Having video surveillance inside the business can catch criminals in the act and can provide evidence of a crime in a court of law.

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