Commercial security systems come in many sizes and configurations. Selecting the right commercial security system for your small business in can be challenging. If you need to install or upgrade a commercial security system in your business, take the time to determine your needs. Also consider the monitoring options that are available and if the system has easy pass-code management. Finally, consider the cost of a commercial security system for your small business.

Determine what you need in a commercial security system

The nature of your business is going to determine what your protection requirements are. If you own a jewelry store, you are going to have specific needs that a lumber yard does not. If you work out of a closed office, you will have different security needs than a retail store. Assess your business and determine what you want to monitor. Do you need to watch both customers and employees? Do you need to monitor the outside of the building as well as the inside or are you having a problem with vandalism? Asking questions about what you need to monitor can help you determine what you need from your commercial security system.

Monitoring options for a commercial security system

The classic security system of decades past was a closed circuit television (CCTV) set-up that recorded video to tape. This option also lets people view the feeds live if needed. Although this system is still available, there are other options available today. You can choose a monitoring service that can respond 24/7 to any situation in which an alarm is triggered. This service can be connected through a hard phone line or a cellular connection. Another security option is to have the ability to see video feeds through your smart device. With this type of monitoring, you can quickly tell if you have a burglary in progress or an employee fumbling with the system keypad.

Easy pass-code management

When you have a commercial security system installed for your small business, you need to be able to issue unique passcodes for each employee. Pass-codes allow you to trace who is arming and disarming the alarm at any given time. You also need the ability to add, change, and remove pass-codes as employees are hired and let go.

The cost of a commercial security system for your small business

A good commercial security system should fit within your budget. Before you sign any contract, ask for a complete breakdown of what a your business’s protection is going to cost. This breakdown should include installation costs, ongoing maintenance fees, monthly monitoring fees, and any other service fees the security company may charge.

It is important not to base your choice of commercial security system on the cost alone. However, it is also critical that you know what you will be getting for what you are going to pay. You do not want to pay for a hidden charge or an unspoken upgrade.

Your small business in will be safer once you install a commercial security system. If you want to add a commercial security system to your business, let the experts at 1st Alarm guide you to the right system for your needs. Call us today at 1 (800) 276-5559. You can also contact us via email through our Contact Us page, or visit us in person. We provide alarm services throughout West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, with locations in Midland, Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, El Paso, and San Angelo.