If you are a business owner with a commercial space, retail shop or office building, installing a fire alarm system should be one of the first things you do before opening your business to your employees and/or the public. By installing an advanced commercial fire alarm system, you’ll be able to detect smoke and fire, prevent disasters and even save the lives of your employees, customers and yourself. Here are some of the advancements in commercial fire alarm systems that help save lives every day.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems for Businesses Large and Small

Before the advanced versions of fire alarm systems available today, smoke detectors were the only way for businesses to detect a potential fire in the building. After initial detection of the fire, the business would hope that an employee was quick to react by calling the fire department and getting the building evacuated as soon as possible. Now, commercial fire alarm systems are designed for both small and large businesses, protecting property and saving lives in the event of an emergency.

Large businesses can benefit from new fire alarm systems because of their ability to detect smoke, heat or fire in any room of a large building. “Addressable heads” are one of the latest advances in commercial fire alarm systems. These smoke detector units are able to pinpoint the exact location of the smoke, heat or fire and warn fire authorities, the business owner and employees before things get out of hand.

Small businesses with a one-room retail shop may think they only need a simple smoke detector system, but could actually benefit from a more advanced fire alarm system as well, equipped with an early detection system and monitoring service. Especially after business hours when their shop or office is vacant – a system that automatically warns the fire department of a problem could save lives of those in nearby spaces or buildings and protect extensive property damage.

Advanced Features of Fire Alarm Systems

Besides addressable heads and early detection advances, commercial fire alarm systems have also been upgraded with new features to help businesses keep their property and employees safe. Some of these lifesaving features include magnetic door releases, touch screen control panels and advanced diagnostic systems.

  • Magnetic door releases installed throughout an office-building, apartment complex or even a school are controlled by the main fire alarm system. In the event of fire, these doors automatically shut to control the fire and prevent it from spreading to other areas of the building.
  • Touch screen control panels in newer fire alarm systems make their operation easier, creating a user-friendly interface that many employees can be trained to use. With more employees able to detect fire locations and interact with the system, extensive property damage can be avoided and those in harm’s way can be warned to evacuate.
  • Advanced diagnostic systems in commercial fire alarm systems are able to detect malfunctions in the system, as well as pinpoint the location of a possible fire. These diagnostics are also able to distinguish a real threat from a false alarm – saving time and money for the business by only contacting authorities in a true emergency.

With so many advances in commercial fire alarm systems, businesses both small and large will be able to equip their retail space or office building with the right system to protect their property and employees. Install a new or update an old fire alarm system today and help save the lives of your employees, customers and yourself.

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