As parents, the responsibility to ensure the security and safety of our children lies within our hands. Children normally start staying home alone after school around the age of 11 or 12 up until they are 18 years old. The majority of jobs held today by parents of those children don’t end for the day until 5:00 pm or later. That leaves the children at home alone for at least an hour and a half without parental supervision. The best way to help with the security of children home alone would be to check into your local security system companies. Find the security system product with the right features to fit your needs. Some helpful features include video surveillance and ease ability for home security systems.

Video surveillance for home security systems

Today, security companies have increased their technology, which has also increased the features and output of home security systems. The webcam with active video surveillance is one of the best features today. This feature allows parents a window into their house while away simply from their mobile device. These cameras can be set up in any room or location of the home and has 360 degree rotation capability. All the parents have to do is access the smartphone application from their mobile device and view the cameras at any time. Parents will also have the capability to rotate the camera from their smartphone to get the view they want of everything in the room.

Ease ability for home security systems

Another great feature to ensure the safety of children while home alone is the ease ability for children ages 10 and above. This feature allows older children to use the security system that has been installed.

The screen installed into the home is a touch screen that guides you through how to arm or disarm the system. You can have the home security system read instructions aloud or you can simply read the instructions on the screen to arm your system. Children are capable of setting the alarm once they get home, increasing security while you are away.

Also, remote controls are available to arm and disarm the home security system within a certain distance. If your children ride the bus, walk, or get a ride from a friend, they could disarm the alarm from their remote. Then, the children could unlock the door, enter the home, and lock the door behind them. Once safe inside, the children could then rearm the alarm using the remote. As the parent, you will get notification from your smart phone app each time this process happens. These notifications will give you clarification that your children are now home and safe inside with the alarm on.

Parents can’t always be there, but they can increase the safety of their children while away with a home security system. Contact 1st Alarm for more information on ways to protect your children. We have locations in the following Texas cities: Midland, Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, El Paso, and San Angelo. Give us a call today at 1(800) 276-5559. You can also contact us via email. We look forward to providing you with the best home security system available.