Steve Graham of 1st Alarm Lubbock Tx (19 years experience).
The new windows will not effect the glass break detector unless they are tempered glass or some type of glass that would not make the sound of normal glass breaking. The bigger challenge for the glass break detectors will be the wooden shutters. We discourage the use of glass break detector where wooden shutters have been installed. Contacting the window or even better the shutter itself is a much better security choice. If you’re looking to install shutters, I would recommend having a look at to see the services shutter companies can offer you. If you would like to install security systems as well, or if you already have the shutters and need to organise a security system, I would suggest you call your local 1st Alarm office so they can stop by and let one our technical staff look at your home, they could also give you options on the two new rooms you added.
Thank you for question hopefully I have helped.