When home security systems first came on the market, wireless technology didn’t even exist yet. The original wired security systems hooked up to telephone landlines and had wires running everywhere. Upgrading the system or adding a new feature was often expensive and cumbersome. The advent of wireless technology has completely changed the home security system market in Midland Texas and Odessa Texas. New wireless home security systems and wireless home security cameras are affordable, less obtrusive, and easier to install, making them the system of choice for many homeowners.  In addition to these improvements, wireless security cameras have also evolved and now more than ever are a critical element to a complete security strategy.

You can get a wireless home security cameras up and running in a matter of minutes.

Installation of a wireless home security system requires very few tools and with the help of an experienced technician from a local home security company in Midland or Odessa, your wireless security system and security cameras can be operational in minutes rather than days. Without a costly installation process that requires both electrical and physical installation, the entire installation process is a fraction of the cost of a traditional wired system installation. Free of wires, the wireless system is compact and attractive. If you decide to switch out the system, you won’t be left with unsightly wires running all over the place or large holes in the wall.  This includes the installation and operation of your wireless security cameras which can be easily positioned to monitor your entire property.

Your wireless security system and wireless home security cameras remain connected even in the event of a power outage.

Wireless security systems and wireless security cameras are intended to function exclusively or primarily on battery power. With regular system battery reminders, you’ll never be caught with a system that runs out of juice. Battery power also ensures that the system will keep running during a power outage or if a burglar cuts your phone lines, and will keep sending alerts to the alarm company, the local police force, and anyone else on your notification list.  Your ability to monitor your property via your wireless security cameras will be ensured.

Wireless home security cameras have an impressive range.

The top of the line wireless systems are able to communicate over hundreds of feet, which is more than twice the range of a standard wired system. This capability allows homeowners and businesses in Midland and Odessa to secure an entire property, including a detached garage or other buildings that don’t sit right against the house. Do you live on a multi-acre property? Consider linking together several systems to create an overarching security net for the full premises.  With a wireless security camera you will be able to monitor those dark corners where bad people might linger or attempt to gain unauthorized access

Wireless systems are much easier to upgrade than their wired counterparts.

With a wireless security system and camera, every component of the system is wireless. As such, when you’re ready for an upgrade, the outdated component can be easily removed and swapped for an upgraded model. You also have the ability to add on new features, more sensors and even more security cameras with ease once you’ve installed the system, allowing you to keep your system updated and customized to meet your current security needs and preferences.

A wireless security system with security cameras provides access to a wide range of smart home technology.

Wireless alarm systems allow homeowners to install video monitoring and to receive activity notifications for any unusual happenings on your property from a person entering the premises to a rise in interior temperature. In addition to these key security features, you can also control a host of other home systems via your computer or mobile device including disarming and arming the security system, locking and unlocking the doors, turning on and off the lights, and lowering and raising the temperature.

As you weigh wired vs. wireless home security systems with wireless security cameras and consider different models, talk to family and friends who have home security systems in Midland TX or Odessa TX. They’ll be able to share the advantages and disadvantages of varying systems so that you can make an educated decision about your next security system purchase.

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