Protecting a second home or vacation home in Lubbock Texas goes beyond locking the doors and windows at the end of the season. In many areas with seasonal homes, most people vacate for several months or more out of the year. During these months, there may be a limited number of permanent residents in the area, making empty homes a prime target for burglars. Installing modern wireless home security systems keeps your home safe while you aren’t there.

Install video cameras as part of home security systems

Connecting a smartphone, tablet, or computer to wireless home security systems allows you to monitor the system and your home from any location. Installing outside cameras lets you keep an eye on the entire property so that you know if someone is lurking around. Installing inside cameras enables you to keep an eye on your caregivers who are looking after the property while you’re away and to check for potential issues that may arise, such as broken items and fires.

Modern home security systems are also equipped with a local Lubbock monitoring service. In the event that a threat does arise, the local authorities are alerted right away. This capability is especially helpful for homeowners who have second homes that aren’t within driving distance.

Implement home automation features with a wireless home security systems

With wireless home security systems, you can connect through the system and then interface through your mobile device or computer. Home automation gives you full control over an extensive range of home systems. You can arm and disarm the security system, lock and unlock doors, and turn on and off lights. When an alarm alert goes off, you can use the home automation features to address it right away. For example, if a freezing alert goes off for your vacation home while you’re elsewhere during the winter, you can turn up the thermostat so the pipes don’t freeze.

Secure the entire property with a wireless home security systems

When you’re not around your second home in Lubbock, a burglar may be more tempted to break into a garage or other building away from the main house. Top of the line wireless home security systems are able to communicate with ease over hundreds of feet. These systems make it simple to secure your entire property, including detached garages, sheds, and other buildings that may not be right next to the house. Do you live on multiple acres? Consider linking several systems to create a comprehensive security net for all of your land.

Advertise your home security systems

When burglars know when wireless home security systems are in place, they often won’t even try to break into the place. If a determined thief is going to break in somewhere in the neighborhood, most likely he’ll skip over your place immediately once he knows that it’s armed with a security system. Display prominent signs in the yard and windows to let people know that the house is equipped with a home security system.

Finally, talk to family and friends with second homes or vacation homes about the steps that they take to protect their homes while they aren’t around. They’ll be able to provide valuable tips and first hand advice to keep your home as safe as possible during the off season.

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