Time and money are constant concerns for any business, and many businesses find it difficult to find the capital needed to maintain, repair, and replace their aging commercial fire alarm systems. Over time, this can present a deadly serious threat to the business because old systems simply won’t provide the protection required to protect lives and property. While it might seem to be penny wise, it is ultimately pound foolish to not ensure you have a modern state-of-the-art commercial fire alarm system protecting your business.

Detection Can Be Diminished Without a Modern State Of The Art Commercial Fire Alarm System

Yesterday’s technology can wear out and lose effectiveness over time. Wires can become loose, shorts can develop, sensors can become blocked, and any number of components can seize up and stop functioning. Many of these problems are not readily apparent and may be missed on a visual inspection. These factors can degrade the detection systems functionality, thus upgrading to a modern state-of-the-art commercial fire alarm system is a must to ensure your business is protected.

Conditions Can Affect Performance if you don’t update to a Modern State Of The Art Commercial Fire Alarm System

The conditions commercial fire alarm systems are subjected to on a daily basis can have a significant impact on their performance in a fire. For example, if the system is situated within an industrial facility, long-term exposure to heat, chemicals, corrosive materials, and particulates can damage sensors, clog conduits, and cause the system to freeze up rather than alert you to an impending disaster. In fact, the typical lifespan of fire detection and protection equipment in an industrial setting is a mere ten years. For this reason alone, upgrading to a modern state-of-the-art commercial fire alarm system is the only way to ensure your business is protected

Technology Marches On

Commercial fire alarm systems technology is evolving by leaps and bounds. A modern state-of-the-art commercial fire alarm system offers enhanced detection ability, wireless monitoring, and automatic notifications of emergency responders. The sheer volume of data that can be processed by modern commercial fire alarm systems is mind-boggling and can make a significant difference in the response times, and effectiveness of the response when firefighters arrive on the scene.

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