It takes just 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a full blown fire. Within minutes of the start of a fire, a business will fill with thick black smoke, making it impossible for employees to breathe. From malfunctioning machines to faulty wiring, the risk of fire is present in every room in your business. In addition to threatening the lives of your employees, fire can also results in the complete destruction of company records, inventory, and property. Equipping your business with full scale fire alarm systems allows for early fire and smoke detection, assisting in rapid evacuation.  Some risks simply are not worth taking.  Don’t risk loosing your business or threatening the safety of your employees and customers.  Commercial fire alarm systems help you manage your business risks.

Manual and automated fire alarm system systems

It’s critical to have a combination of manual and automated fire alarm systems in the modern workplace. Manual fire alarm system components includes horns and strobes, pull stations, and ADA approved manual fire alarm systems. In the event that an employee sees fire or smoke in the building before a detector is signaled, he or she can activate the system manually.

A fire alarm systems provider will help you select the automated devices that are best suited for your particular business. For example, in a fume ridden or dusty setting, a heat detector may be a better option than a smoke detector. Choosing the proper type of automated detector and alarm will also lower the chances of giving false signals, which are expensive and take time away from fire departments who could be tackling real fires.

Fire alarm monitoring

You never know when fire or smoke damage will occur in a business. A fire alarm system that supports around the clock monitoring ensures every element of your fire alarm system is under close supervision at any hour of the day or night. Fire alarm systems providers may monitor varying factors related to fire and smoke including heat, high/low water, temperature, and pressure.


As a business owner, you don’t want to be responsible for keeping up with the current fire codes. A professional fire alarm systems provider remains up to date with fire codes and other key regulations to keep clients protected. Choose fire alarm systems that are configured to meet the necessary codes and requirements.


All fire alarm systems must be maintained and periodically inspected by a licensed inspection team. In many instances, fire alarm systems providers license their technicians in fire alarm installation and repair as well as inspection. Typically a local fire department inspector must also be present during the inspection. Following testing and inspection, the provider will issue the appropriate National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) forms for your records and the local fire department. Keep these forms on file.

Business fire alarm systems features vary from one company to the next. As you weight varying alarm systems, make sure to inquire about the full range of components so there are no surprises. A reputable fire alarm systems provider will work closely with you and your business staff to ensure that the system you choose meets your needs, preferences, and budget.

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