Protecting your El Paso TX home is a key aspect of protecting your family. Thanks to digital technology, there are more affordable home security resources available than ever before, making it a bit overwhelming to know where to start. The following ten home security measures are straightforward, inexpensive security solutions to get you on your way securing your property and providing a safe environment for your family.

Change the locks when you move into a new home

Changing the locks on a new El Paso TX house eliminates the risk of an eccentric relative or crazy neighbor who still happens to have an old key letting themselves in unexpectedly.

Display the home security provider sign for your home security system

After you’ve installed a new home security system in El Paso TX, display your provider’s sign prominently. The presence of a home security system will discourage most potential criminals from attempting burglary.

Illuminate the exterior entrances to the home

When guests are waiting for you to answer the doorbell or family members are letting themselves into your El Paso TX home at night, they shouldn’t be left standing in the dark. Light all exterior entrances properly.

Never leave a key hidden on the property

Hiding a spare key under a doormat or in the mailbox invites intruders to break into the El Paso TX home. If you must hide a key on your property, choose a secret spot and give out its location to trusted family and friends sparingly.

Install smart home features to automate and remotely control critical home security features

Smart home features allow you to automate and remotely adjust varying home components from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Smart home automation features include arming and disarming the security system, turning on and off the lights, locking and unlocking the doors and windows, and adjusting the temperature and humidity level. You could also look at investing in ring doorbells so you know exactly who is at your front door.

Invest in window and door shades

Window and door shades or shutters, like hunter douglas shutters for example, make it tough for an intruder to view the interior of your home and determine if the homeowners are or aren’t present. Treatments with light filtration let in natural daylight, even when the shades are down. At night, your El Paso TX house will look occupied when a few lights are switched on, even when you aren’t home.If you are interested in replacements for your windows and doors, you may want to find a window and door company similar to Window World.

Recruit a house sitter when you are out of town

Hiring a house sitter while you’re traveling outside of your home area ensures someone is monitoring the property daily. Have the house sitter take in the mail, turn on the lights, put out the trash, and scan the property for stray newspapers, packages, and other signs of travel.

Don’t advertise vacations and other trips on social media

While you may be excited to let everyone know you’re in Hawaii, social media announcements are a welcome invitation for thieves. Wait to share your travel updates until you’re back in El Paso TX.

Minimize places for burglars to hide on the exterior of the property

Overgrown shrubs and other neglected foliage give burglars ample places to hide while also making a property appear vacant. When you’re going out of town, plan to trim shrubs and other plants before leaving and hire a neighbor or lawn company to cut the grass as needed.

Get to know your neighbors

When you’re out of town, next door neighbors will help keep an eye on your El Paso TX property and can notify you or alert the local authorities of suspicious activity.

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