Practically everyone knows that security cameras can record a crime, but few people realize they are just as effective at preventing the crime from ever taking place. While it is true that there are hardened criminals who won’t care about the presence of a camera, there are far more who will give pause to violent acts or illegal entry if they know these all seeing eyes have their eyes on them. If you are wondering whether or not security cameras can deter burglars from entering your San Angelo TX home, the short answer is a resounding “YES!”.

The Psychology of Deterrence Using Security Cameras

Security cameras are a psychological weapon whose value in home defense is even greater than alarms, sirens, flashing lights, etc. Security cameras are silent witnesses and those caught in the beam of the camera never know whether the feed is being monitored, whether their actions are being recorded, and most importantly, whether their movements have triggered a silent alarm. The sight of a security camera is sufficient to trigger these thoughts and concerns in the mind of a burglar. Studies have shown that 83% of convicted burglars sought easier targets once they discovered the presence of a security camera. That is a statistically significant statement on the effectiveness of security cameras at preventing unwanted intrusions in San Angelo and every other community.

Burglars Are Risk Takers

Ok, some of them are, but the vast majority of burglars carefully examine their potential target for any potential weakness in the security system and any potential threats to their safety and freedom. If the security system is top-notch, about 60% will move on right away. Of the remainder who will continue planning their attack, only a handful will go much further in their planning once they realize that there’s no way to completely disable and remove the threat the security cameras pose to their plans. Those who do so are seasoned criminals who have a detailed understanding of the time window they will have from the moment they enter your San Angelo TX  property until the police respond on the scene. Even in the case of the most hardened and determined bad guy, security cameras can lead to identification and arrest of the perpetrator.

Stacking the Odds by Installing Security Cameras

Burglars conduct a calculation on every “job” they attempt. They will calculate factors such as the presence of a dog, lighting, window coverage, points of entry, vehicular traffic, etc. They will then calculate whether there is an alarm system, whether and where security cameras are positioned, and the distance of the house from police stations or places where police routinely patrol. Each and every factor that’s on the side of “You’re going to get caught” weighs heavily against the potential score on the other side of the scale. A video surveillance camera that is monitoring and recording everything around and within the home is a threat that stacks the odds heavily against the burglar.

Security Cameras Are an Easy to Install Deterrent

Security cameras aren’t as difficult or expensive to install as many people think. They are quite affordable and can be placed on everything from the mansion in the hills to the one-bedroom house in the middle of town. They are a deterrent that every homeowner can afford, and that no homeowner can afford to live without.

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