Every security system needs a backup battery. This item is required in case of an emergency, such as a power outage. The backup battery may only power your alarm for up to 8 hours. However, this can be crucial to your peace of mind and safety. Since security system batteries last for years, you don’t have to switch them out very often. When it’s time to replace them for new batteries, you will notice a blinking “low battery” icon on your alarm pad. First, put your security system in test mode and make sure the power is off. Then, switch the batteries. Finally, turn the power back on and remove your security system from test mode.

Put your security system in test mode and make sure the power is off

Before you crack open your security system, you will need to contact your alarm monitoring company. While you work on your security system, it needs to be in “test” mode. If the alarm goes off while you are working in test mode, the company will know you are not really in danger. Going through this process will ensure that the alarm company won’t send anyone out to check on the situation.

Make sure to power down the security system before you work to avoid any injury. Disconnect the transformer or flip the circuit breaker switch to ensure power is off while you replace the old battery with a new one.

Switch the batteries

Use the right tools to open up your system’s control panel in order to access the battery. This may require either a screwdriver or a control panel key that unlocks the panel. You will see the battery, as well as a black lead and a red lead. Carefully disconnect these leads in order to remove the security system battery.

Remove the old battery, and replace it with the new battery. Insert the plugs into the correctly colored leads, and replace the control panel case.

Turn the power back on and remove your security system from test mode

Power up your security system by plugging everything back in or flipping the circuits back to the “on” position. Your “low battery” light should flicker off, and now you can call your alarm company back and alert them to remove your system from its “test” mode since you have replaced the old battery with a fresh one. You shouldn’t have to change out your battery more often than every three years, though backup batteries can last as long as five years.

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