Have you been contemplating having security cameras installed in your Midland TX or Odessa TX home or business? It stands to reason that security cameras have a positive effect on crime. Security cameras discourage opportunistic crimes and make criminals take a second thought before they risk having their face set to a permanent record. Knowing there are security cameras on the premises helps clients, customers and family members feel more secure, and gives you – the property owner – a certain peace of mind.

Fighting crime with security cameras

Security cameras can be a cost-effective method to deter, document and reduce crime – and, they have been proven to help solve crimes. Images on surveillance cameras helped identify the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. They assist law enforcement by having an accurate and indisputable record of criminal activity. Witness descriptions of lawbreakers are not always reliable due to the stress of the situations – but images taken from security footage gives law enforcement the edge they need to find the culprits. In court proceedings, video footage can act as a complement to the evidence presented by eyewitnesses.

Crime deterrence

If you have ever been in a dark parking lot in Midland TX or Odessa TX, you know how nervous it can make you feel. When properly lit and with security cameras installed – you, your customers and employees will be able to walk to their cars more confident in their safety. When criminals see that the area they are ‘casing’ is equipped with security cameras, they are more likely to take their criminal activity elsewhere. Having security cameras and other types of security in and around your premises should mean that there is a considerable decrease in the amount of criminal activity that takes place in the area. It is unfortunate that sometimes a camera could get broken or stop working and this could eventually lead to incidents happening. So that’s why if you or someone you know has been injured on a premises with no adequate security, you could be eligible to make a claim through a professional like premises liability lawyer Jeffrey Mehalic to help you receive what you are entitled too. For business owners, it should always be a good idea to make sure that you have security installed just in case something like this happens on your property.

Reduce crime in the workplace with security cameras

No one likes to think that their employees would do anything to negatively affect their business. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Security cameras inside your Midland or Odessa TX business can help to keep your honest employees honest and identify those who are not.

Prevent shoplifting with security cameras

Losses from shoplifting are one of the biggest problems that businesses face today. It not only affects businesses, but overburdens law enforcement, courts and adds costs to consumers. Equipping your Midland or Odessa TX business with security cameras can deter and prevent shoplifting by those sneaky individuals who always think they can get away with stealing from businesses.

We all want to live in a crime-free community – but, for most of us that is just a dream. If you are worried about crime in your Midland and Odessa, Texas community – security cameras may be what you need to make those who enter your residence or business safer. There are many types of security cameras and systems that you can choose from. Make sure you call or visit your trusted security company for information on the latest video surveillance options.

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