Your employees are critical to keeping your Abilene TX business not only open but more importantly, profitable.  Not every business is fortunate enough to have hard working and trustworthy employees. Occasionally a business may find that their employees are hurting their business more than helping.  Installing a video surveillance system at your business can help minimize losses and keep employees honest. Minimize the possibility of employee theft, keep employees focused on their assigned tasks, monitor access to restricted areas, minimize the possibility of false claims and monitor the way employees conduct day to day business.

Prevent employee theft by installing a video surveillance system

Businesses lose over 50 billion dollars every year due to employee theft.  Unfortunately this number continues to rise. You don’t want your Abilene TX business to be another number in this statistic. A video surveillance system can enhance your existing commercial security system and actually help stop this crime. Remove any temptation employees might have by installing visible security cameras in key locations around your business.

Keep employees focused on assigned tasks with a video surveillance system

When an owner is absent from his business, employees sometimes take advantage of the situation an fail to accomplish assigned tasks in a timely manner. A video surveillance system will let you see exactly what is happening , or not happening, while you are away from your Abilene TX business. You can view a live feed remotely using a mobile device from virtually anywhere in the world. If you see something that causes you to have a concern, you can initiate immediate corrective actions. Simply knowing that their behavior and actions are being monitored is often enough to keep your team focused on doing their job.

Monitor restricted areas by installing a video surveillance system

Some areas within any business may be off-limits to many of your employees.  These could be areas like your office or other areas where valuable items may be stored. Installing a video surveillance system in your Abilene TX business will allow you to monitor access to these restricted areas to help ensure the security of these areas is being maintained.  In the event of a security breach, the video feed from your system will provide the evidence you need to investigate and prosecute the intruder if appropriate.

Protect yourself from false compensation, injury and harassment claims with a video surveillance system

Some people may try to take advantage of your Abilene TX business by making claims of injury or harassment in the workplace.  A video surveillance system can help protect you from these malicious and fraudulent claims. The video feed from your system can provide evidence of exactly what did, or did not, occur at your business and make it very easy for you dispute a false claim even months after the alleged event.

Ensure employees are treating your customers well with a video surveillance system

Customer satisfaction is perhaps the singular most important contributor to the success of any Abilene TX business.  If your employees are not practicing good customer service, your business could suffer no matter how great your product might be.  Enhancing your commercial security system with the addition of a video surveillance system can help you ensure your employees treat every customer with the highest regard and appreciation.

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