Keeping your commercial fire alarm system working properly requires routine inspections. These systems are designed as a quick-response method to alert you and the occupants of your building of a threat so a safe evacuation can be done. A commercial fire alarm system inspection needs to be performed by specialists who understand how the systems work and know what to look for as far as possible malfunctions. Below is the typical process that is followed to make sure your system is operating correctly.

Report Inspection Times to Local Authorities

The fire alarm inspectors need to notify your local emergency response team that they will be performing an inspection of your commercial fire alarm system. During the inspection, it will be necessary to test the operation of the alerts and emergency services needs to be aware they are not needed to report to the property, that it is a test of the equipment.

Two Technicians will Perform Inspection

When you schedule the inspection of your commercial fire alarm system, you can expect two technicians to arrive at your property. One of the two will station him or herself by the fire alarm panel and the other will proceed into the interior to test and inspect fire alarm horns, smoke detectors, pull-down stations, and strobes. When they test one of these horns or detectors, the technician stationed by the panel will ensure it is activated.

Where to Begin

If you have a multiple story building, the technicians will start their inspections on the top floor. If there is an attic to your property, this will be the beginning floor. By beginning at the top floor, the technician can work his or her way down, testing all pull-stations and smoke detectors along the way.

How the Smoke Detectors are Inspected

There is a special tool used for inspecting smoke detectors. The end of the tool resembles a cup with an aerosol can that contains a spray to imitate smoke. When this solution is released, the smoke detector should consider it smoke and activate. If the detectors are high this tool is used as a pole-type unit, and for detectors within reach, the technician can use a funnel-type tool to spray the same solution. This activation should be recorded on the fire panel being monitored by the other technician.

How to Inspect the Pull-Down Alarm Stations

Just as you would expect, the pull-down alarm stations are inspected by pulling the handle. The technician at the control panel will verify that notification showed with the pull and the station can then be reset. Generally, before pulling the handle, the technician will deactivate strobes and horns to minimize the disturbance to others in the building. Inspecting of the strobes and horns is performed separately.

Occupants of the building need to be notified when horns and strobes are going to be activated. Once everyone is aware of the test, the technician will activate them from one of the pull stations and both technicians will walk the property to ensure each unit is working properly. Once it has been determined all strobes and horns are operating correctly, the technicians will turn them off from the control panel.

Inspection of the Batteries

One of the last steps in the inspection process is to ensure all batteries are working effectively. In case of a power outage, these batteries are essential to keeping the system operating. The batteries are checked for corrosion and expiration dates.

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