Routine inspection, testing, and maintenance of commercial fire alarm systems is essential for keeping them operational. When commercial fire alarm systems are not properly maintained, they become prone to failures that can cost lives and increase the amount of damage a property can sustain. When it comes to fire alarm operation, an ounce of prevention is most definitely easier to swallow than the pound of cure. Some of the most common causes of commercial fire alarm systems failures are also some of the easiest to identify and correct.

Dirt and dust are commercial fire alarm systems worst enemies

Dirty smoke detectors and clogged sensors are responsible for a significant number of commercial fire alarm systems failures. Dirt, dust, insect remains, and lint can build up within the smoke detector thus negatively impacting the sensitivity of the unit. It can lead to false alarms that go off without warning, or when a fire erupts, the clogged sensor chamber can slow response time or lead to a total system failure.

Commercial fire alarm systems versus high ceilings

Another common maintenance problem with commercial fire alarm systems involves the high ceilings that most systems have to contend with. Whether in a warehouse or retail space, high ceilings create the space needed to do business. However, the height of these rooms can create significant time for air to cool before it reaches the smoke and heat sensors. This means that a fire can burn and smolder for a longer time before it is detected which increases the likelihood of catastrophic damage. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure that the sensors are properly placed and remain set to the proper sensitivity to account for the height of the rooms they are supposed to protect.

The right tool for the job

It is also common to find the wrong detector installed within various rooms. While many commercial operations stay the same from the day they open until the day they close, this is not the case for all businesses. If the function of a room or the materials present within the room change, it’s also necessary to make sure the fire alarm and sensors are changed to address any potential threats that may have been created. Aligning the system with the threat goes a long way towards keeping property and employees safe from danger.

Common commercial fire alarm systems problems

Other common commercial fire alarm systems problems include dead batteries, an insufficient number of smoke and heat detectors, improper programming of control panels, and electrical faults. In some cases, the annunciator may be damaged and won’t be able to convey a loud and clear message, or zoning can require changes that match the evolution of the business. Regular maintenance catches these problems before they can burn the business down. In most cases, the problems that are discovered are easily repaired by a trained technician equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to identify and repair everything from minor issues to major headaches.

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