As a business, organization or institution with an office building, it is a top priority to have a commercial fire alarm system installed. Protect your office and your employees with an automated fire alarm system. Reduce potential property damage, injury and prevent loss of life with a commercially installed system. Contact the fire department automatically (even after working hours) in the event of an emergency. Commercial fire alarm systems are also designed to work during a power outage. Protect your business and your employees by installing a commercial fire alarm system. Whether you are installing a commercial fire alarm system for the first time, or updating an old system in your office building – you are making a great decision as a business owner.

Reduce property damage with a commercial fire alarm system

A commercial fire alarm system connects a series of smoke detectors and alarms throughout your office building. By monitoring for smoke or a fire emergency in each room of your office building, a commercial system will quickly be able to alert you and the fire department of a fire and prevent extensive property damage to your building. The cost of installing a fire alarm system will prevent you from spending money to replace your entire building in the event of a fire emergency. Now that is a sound investment. It is also important to ensure against other possible hazards by employing proper office and building property maintenance services for general maintenance and fixes around your office.

Prevent injuries and loss of life with fire alarm systems

If a fire occurs during working hours, the lives of your staff and customers are at stake. Fires are extremely dangerous and spread quickly in office buildings with cubical walls and piles of papers. Unfortunately, these office fires do happen and can be extremely harmful to people who might not get out fast enough, or may get injured whilst trying to evacuate the premises. If staff members do get harmed in the process, they might want to look for a work injury law firm local to them if their injury was caused by workplace negligence. If they sustain any injuries from the office, they may require legal assistance from an attorney. However, to limit your business’ chance of this happening, you can install a commercial fire alarm system throughout your building, you can alert employees of any smoke or fire and help them out of the building before it’s too late. Highlight escape routes throughout your building, and you should have first aid signs and fire safety signs all around. If your signs are outdated or worn out, you should invest in some new ones. You can order them online or get them from most office supplies stores, such as office monster. They should be placed in visible areas of the workplace so that employees can see them clearly. Train your staff on fire safety protocol to fully utilize the benefits of a fire alarm system – and be sure your employees know what to do during an emergency.

Contact authorities quickly with a fire alarm system

An automated fire detection and alarm system will alert the fire department in the event of an emergency. Whether you are in the building or away, you’ll only need to focus on getting everyone out of the building as quickly as possible. You won’t need to think about calling the fire department, as your commercial fire alarm system will automatically place the call for you and request an immediate response.

Provide fire alarm protection even during power outages

Another great feature of a commercial fire alarm system is an external back-up system. During bad weather, power outages, or electrical failures – you can be ensured that your fire alarm system will still function properly. Protect your building and your employees from fires during any situation.

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