Your Amarillo TX home is your castle and it’s essential for you to take proactive steps to protect it from those who want to gain unauthorized access to your family and your property. There are many steps you can take to protect yourself and the following are ten protective measures that you can do to strengthen your home security envelope.

Home Security Tip #1:  Limit Access

Make sure that you don’t give out keys to family members and friends. Friendships can fail, keys can get lost, and when these things happen, your home security is exposed to unwanted intrusions.

Home Security Tip #2:  Change the Locks

Buying a new home in Amarillo TX is exciting, just don’t get lost in the excitement to the point where you forget to change the locks. This ensures that the former owners and anyone they gave keys to can no longer enter the property.

Home Security Tip #3:  Illuminate the Exterior

Adding a series of layered lighting that covers doors, windows, patios, and porches provides a solid deterrent to thieves. Connecting your lights to motion sensors and video recording devices enhances this benefit and can significantly reduce the chance of a break-in.

Home Security Tip #4:  Upgrade Your Alarm System

Home security systems are constantly evolving and while your Amarillo TX system may still provide basic security, a new home security system may provide even more protection. The most effective systems are WiFi connected, monitored systems that can alert you to the presence of a problem whether you’re in the living room, at the office, or sunbathing on a beach thousands of miles away.

Home Security Tip #5:  Lock the System Down

Wiring and other components of your home security system should be positioned so that thieves can’t gain access to them to damage them. Control panels, wiring, cameras, etc. should be positioned and concealed so that thieves can’t access them before the police arrive.

Home Security Tip #6:  Install Deadbolts

Every door to your Amarillo TX home should be fitted with a deadbolt. These are very difficult to bypass and will slow an intruder down. Similarly, all sliding doors and windows should be fitted with bars and clasps that lock from the inside and can’t be bypassed without breaking the window.

Home Security Tip #7:  Clear the Line of Sight

Bushes, trees, shrubs, etc. should be kept well away from windows and doors as these provide sufficient cover for thieves to hide behind. Removing them removes the protection they provide to thieves. Similarly, placing “noisy” landscaping such as gravel and thorny bushes beside these areas can help deter entry.

Home Security Tip #8:  Drill Your Family

Your family is your Amarillo TX home’s first line of defense. Everyone in the family should know how to utilize your home security system and any panic buttons, lock doors while everyone is home, and keep entry points free and clear of potential obstructions and hiding places.

Home Security Tip #9:  Add Signage

Signs advertising that your Amarillo TX home is protected by security are a solid deterrent, however, be careful not to advertise the company protecting the system. This can provide information to thieves regarding the types of systems you have and the protection they provide.

Home Security Tip #10:  Get to Know the Jones’

It’s always advisable to know your neighbors and let them know you. Forming strong relationships with the neighbors can help alert you when a looky-loo is lurking about or when a break-in or other dangerous events occur in the neighborhood that you should know about.

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