Once upon a time security cameras were only used in government buildings and large corporations due to their prohibitive cost. Modern advances in digital technology have made video surveillance cameras affordable for home use. New security cameras boost wide viewing angles and high definition images, providing clear, comprehensive views of your home around the clock. If you’re still not convinced that security cameras should be part of your home security system in Midland TX and Odessa TX, consider the following benefits they offer.

Deter criminals

The mere presence of security cameras is enough to send most potential thieves running in the other direction. When a burglar is faced with two homes, one of which has a home security system, he’s much more likely to rob or vandalize the home without the alarm system. When there are multiple homes in a Midland TX neighborhood with security cameras, criminals may avoid it altogether. If you don’t like the aesthetic of video cameras, consider leaving one or two cameras visible and concealing the remainder of the cameras in the system.

Assist the police

In the rare event that a burglar does steal from your Midland TX home or engage in other criminal activity (i.e. vandalizing, dealing drugs), the video footage from an installed security camera often proves critical for tracking down the burglar and any stolen possessions. Choosing a high quality home security system with up to date security cameras that offer high resolution, wide angle viewing, night vision, motion activation, and sound activation increases the odds of the footage capturing the burglar or burglars’ faces accurately.

Monitor remotely

Whether you’re across town at the office for the day or taking a three week vacation in a foreign country, you want to know that your Midland TX and Odessa TX home and property are safe. Modern wireless home security systems boast the capacity for remote monitoring. You’ll be able to view live streams or archived footage from virtually any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access. In addition to checking for suspicious criminal activity, you can keep an eye on your kids and pets while you’re away from your home, keep tabs on areas apart from the main residence (i.e. garage, tool shed, barn), and see who’s at the front door before you get up to answer it.

But how can you keep an eye on your home all the time? It seems like a good idea to capture video around the clock, but no one has time to watch all of the footage. Modern software programs use distributed intelligence to scan digital video feeds and use movement pattern recognition to detect specific activities, events, and behaviors. When the system picks up on an unusual action, it generates an alert and sends it to the home owner via text or email.

Save money on home insurance

Most major insurance carriers grant lower premiums if you use a professionally installed home security system to protect your Midland TX or Odessa TX home against vandalism, theft, and fire. More advanced systems with video surveillance may bring a discount of 15-20% on your home insurance.

A security professional will complete a site evaluation at your home to determine the type, placement, and number of security cameras required to meet your home security needs. The security provider will use this information to create a video surveillance system that is straightforward to operate and is within your budget. Set up your evaluation today.

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