The claim that home security systems can help keep you, your family and your home safe in El Paso TX has frequently been challenged as being a myth, however, the fact is that nothing has ever been more true. There are several other myths out there. Some of the biggest myths are that they are only for the rich and that homes are no more safe with them as without them. It has also been falsely thought that installation of home security systems requires wiring the entire house and that they are not worth the cost and that they won’t work if you have pets. It’s time to separate some of the myths from the facts.

Are home security systems only for the rich

A few decades ago, having a home security system was very expensive such that  only the rich could afford them. Home security systems were expensive and installation was highly complicated. The monitoring services were costly and required a dedicated phone line for connectivity. That is no longer the case. Home security systems are not only affordable but they are also wireless making installation and monitoring easy and secure. No complicated installation.

Are homes really safer when they have a home security system installed

The fact that El Paso TX homes are in fact safer when they have a professionally installed home security system has been proven to be true by none other than the very convicted thieves they helped capture. Many thieves confess that they target homes without home security systems, because they can get in and out quickly, without alerting the homeowner or police. Even a basic home security system provides protection against burglaries. Just having a sign in front of your homes is often enough to get thieves to bypass your home.

Do home security systems require complicated wired installation and dedicated land lines

Wireless home security systems have revolutionized the home security market. Whereas just a few years ago, all sensors and cameras in the home had to be connected via wires, which required special tools and equipment. Now, it is possible to set sensors on windows and doors in just a few minutes and have them wireless connect to the central control panel. Security cameras are also just as easy to install and connect. Even the central monitoring device is wirelessly connected to the monitoring service.

Are home security systems really worth the cost

People often question whether adding an home security system to their El Paso TX home is a good investment or not. The best answer to this question is to simply consider what you could be losing if your home is not equipped with a home security system and is targeted by would be thieves. Not only could you lose thousands of dollars worth of belongings, but you can also lose your peace of mind. With a home security system, your home is protected 24/7/365 affording you and your family peace of mind.

Do home security systems work well with pets

Older home security systems with older motion detectors were susceptible to going off if the family pet triggered the system. The detectors used technology that triggered with any kind of movement. The false alarms often led to people turning off motion detectors all together or confining the pets to a single, unmonitored area of the house. With today’s state-of-the-art technology, modern motion detectors have made it possible to avoid false alarms caused by pets. Advanced motion detectors can be calibrated to ignore certain kinds of motion or the movement of small bodies, allowing for more efficient security.

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