Adding a commercial security system to your business can help you in many ways. A commercial security system can deter criminals, detect employees who are less than honest, and can sense fires as well as get assistance to your business quickly. A commercial security system can also help externally and internally reduce business insurance policy premiums by decreasing the risk that you present to them. If you’re looking to compare insurance quotes, consider using a service like

Externally reducing business insurance policy premiums

How do insurance companies determine the premiums you pay for a policy? Insurance agents software helps companies work out what the price of your policy will be, but it all comes down to risk. The higher risk that you present, the higher the premium you will pay. A commercial security system lowers the risk that your company will be the victim of criminal activity, potentially reducing your business insurance policy premiums.

Criminals are less likely to enter a building that has external video cameras. An alarm system will alert the central monitoring system if someone enters without a valid entry code. Internal cameras can capture video of the criminal’s activities and possibly help with identification. This captured footage makes finding and prosecuting criminals easier.

Internally reducing business insurance policy premiums

Besides external security issues, a commercial security system can detect internal security issues. As a business owner, you take care to hire people who you think you can trust. Unfortunately, you may find the people you trust to run your business may not be honest. Internal cameras can help you find out if someone on your staff is stealing or defrauding you. This allows you to take action and lower your internal losses.

A commercial security system also has other advantages besides monitoring criminal activity. What would happen if a fire started in your business and no one knew it was happening? Your commercial building likely has a fire alarm installed, but does it connect to monitoring services? If not, then you are dependent on someone hearing that alarm and calling authorities. With a professionally monitored commercial security system, the monitoring service contacts the fire department as soon as the alert comes through.

Contact your insurance agent and speak with them about what adding a commercial security system would mean for your business insurance premiums. Even if your current insurance carrier does not offer lower premiums for commercial security systems, there are companies that do.

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