How important is your personal safety? What about the safety and well-being of your family members? Your home? Your valuables? Installing home alarm systems can give you, your family, and your property the safety you desire.

Need more reasons why you should install a home alarm system today? Here are the top 7 reasons why you should install a home security system today.

Home alarm systems deter criminal activity

To put it simply, the mere presence of a home security system will deter many perpetrators from doing criminal acts. They do not want to increase the chances they will get caught by the homeowner or by the police in the act. And if they see or suspect security cameras, the chances of them doing the crime decrease even further.

Home alarm systems protect property and valuables

A home security system is a first line of defense for keeping your property and valuables safe. Vandals are less likely to do damage to your property if there is a chance of being caught. An alarm system can alert police if something bad is going down, which keeps both your property and your valuables safer. This is why the new builds shown at have state of the art security systems installed.

Home alarm systems allow remote viewing/access to your house

Modern home security systems offer the homeowner the ability to see what is going on using smart devices. They can alert if someone comes into the home, like a child after school lets out. The homeowner can also arm and disarm the system remotely. If security cameras are installed, along with the home security system, the homeowner can also get a view of who is around the house.

Home alarm systems lower homeowner’s and renter’s insurance

Insurance companies do not like risk. If you have a home security system, you are at a lower risk of having a theft or burglary. Insurance companies will lower your homeowners’ insurance rates because of this decreased risk of incurring a loss. This is particularly enticing for recent buyers of homes hoping to cut back on costs. The financial implications of home loans can leave you feeling quite restricted. That is why any possibility of reducing insurance costs should be welcomed!

Home alarm systems can notify you of a gas or fire problem

Many home security systems come with built-in fire and carbon monoxide detection. If the alarm sensors detect a problem, the system will alert the central monitoring system while also sending out an audible alarm to anyone in the home. This can give you the time to get out of the house, while emergency services are on the way.

Home alarm systems help protect your home from intruders

Home security systems can alert if someone comes into the home without permission. The monitoring service can get emergency personnel on the way. Most systems come with panic features that allow someone at home to send an emergency signal if someone tries to come in when the alarm system is not armed.

Home alarm systems reduce worry and stress

When you know that you, your family, and your home are safe, it helps alleviate worry and stress. You get a little peace of mind knowing that someone is watching your home, even when you are not there.

These are just a few of the benefits that a home security system will bring you and your family. Your home and valuables will be safe and you gain peace of mind knowing everything is secure. 1st Alarm is one of the biggest and best security systems companies in the region that specializes in both residential and commercial security systems. Serving Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland / Odessa, El Paso, Abilene and San Angelo, we are committed to offering high quality, professional service with the utmost level of integrity. If you are considering adding a security system or a security camera to your home or business, contact 1st Alarm today. We have the expertise and technology to help you secure your premises at an affordable price. Let us help you with all of your security needs for your business and your home. Call 800-276-5559 today. Request a Quote online or come by our office near you.