Sometimes out of economic necessity, renters can find themselves living in neighborhoods that are less than ideal. Their apartment or rental house doesn’t have enough protection for peace of mind. The ideal situation would be to have the landlord install an alarm system, but that is not going to happen. Years ago, the renter would have few options. Fortunately, today things are different. Wireless home security systems offer renters the same protection that homeowners enjoy.

What makes wireless home security systems so different?

There is one major difference between wired and wireless alarm systems: the wires or lack thereof. To put it simply, a wired alarm system requires wires to connect sensors to the central control panel. This type of installation can require modifications to the home’s structure such as drilling holes in walls which can be a problem if you are a renter.  Wireless home security systems use wireless signals to communicate instead and that is what makes it such a good option for renters.

Wireless home security systems are easy to install and do not require permanent changes to be made to the rental unit. The system can be customized to the rental place, without the need to pull wires through walls or mess with the electric system at all.

Entry sensors, motions sensors, and cameras can all run off of batteries, which provides the most flexibility when it comes to placement. The control panel is usually located at a center point in the home or apartment to provide good signal coverage for all sensors. The panel itself can communicate with the monitoring service typically through a wireless cell phone type carrier signal.

What kind of coverage can a renter get with a wireless home security system?

With a wireless home security system, renters get the same coverage that a homeowner does. This includes coverage for break-ins, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. The alarm system can also help renters keep an eye on housekeepers, nannies, and other people who have access to the rental unit.

Renters get the same advantages that homeowners get as well. Home alarm systems can deter criminals from even committing crimes. They don’t want anyone to capture their activities on camera or alert the cops of their presence. These systems also provide evidence if something occurs. That helps law enforcement professionals find the criminals and helps the prosecutor convict them.

Renters can select from a number of options to customize the system to their needs and wants.. You can add cameras to the security system to give you eyes to what is going on inside the house when you are not home. You can customize where motion sensors are placed to minimize potential false alarms. You can add personal medical alarms for disabled or senior members of the household.

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