If you are like most business owners, your livelihood, including of your family and your employees, is tied to the success of your company. Protecting your business by using security cameras is one way to ensure this valuable asset is not threatened.  Why monitor your business with cameras in addition to using a security system?  The answer is simple.  Security cameras can help prevent theft; they give you eyes on every part of your business when you are not there; security cameras provide a feeling of security for you, your employees; and your clients and they provide a way of documenting events and activities on your property.

Security cameras can help prevent theft

Using security cameras as a way to help prevent theft is often referred to as loss prevention. Almost every business is vulnerable to theft, whether it is from a shoplifter, a burglar or a dishonest employee. Cameras act as a deterrent to anyone thinking about taking something that doesn’t belong to him or her. Most criminals avoid places where their less-than-honest activities might be recorded.

Security cameras give you eyes on every part of your business

The owner of a business cannot be everywhere at once. Take a retail store as an example. The owner may be in the office doing payroll or at the front register cashing out customers. That means the owner does not have eyes on the stock room or in the areas of the business obscured by displays or signage. Security cameras give the owner eyes into all parts of the business. It makes it easier to see if a customer ducks into the stock room to pick up a “free” shirt or if an employee is slacking off.

Security cameras offer a feeling of security

The presence of security cameras makes it less likely someone is going to steal something, draw a weapon, or commit some other criminal act. This act of deterrence makes the premises more secure for you, your employees, and your customers. This feeling of security makes the workplace better for everyone.

Security cameras document everything

Security cameras are benign observers. They record everything. And you might be surprised when this silent documentation actually comes in handy. If you run a bar, for example, you know you have to be careful serving drunk customers. If one of them leaves your establishment and causes an accident, you can be held liable for pouring too much alcohol. If your cameras show you refused to serve an inebriated customer and offered to call a cab instead, your chances of being held liable are much less.  Another example is slip and fall accidents. You have likely heard horror stories about customers slipping and falling, then trying to sue a business for millions of dollars. Cameras will show what happened and if the person making the claim did it deliberately or had a part in the event.

Adding security cameras to your business brings definite advantages

As mentioned above, security cameras give you eyes into areas that you were once blind to. They can help you keep your customers and employees honest. They can also help protect you from liability claims.

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